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Nov 13, 2016
Feb 13, 2009
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Nov 13, 2016
    1. Daemon300
      Happy birthday!
    2. Necromancer
      The next trivia question has been posted.
    3. Daemon300
      Did you die...?
    4. Sean
      First trivia question posted.
    5. Sean
    6. iamaustin
      [url]http://s1.zetaboards.com/Apocalypse_2/forum/990134/[/url] If you want just click that link, and hit "New Topic" Then you can create your "Temple of Art" or whatever you choose to make. An announcement will be put up and you should have some requests ASAP. I really appreciate it Archon!!! *high five*??????? And feel free to join in on the rping and what not.
    7. iamaustin
      Archon, sorry I haven't gotten back to you about Apoc sooner. What we want over there is for you, if you have the time, to simply do art for us like you did over at The League. Jak and I need some badges and a few other things to try out some ideas we had, and simply we want to make the site more, colorful. You will have your own section of the fourm, with specialized sections based on request, such as banners, Rp Char signs, and Specialized Art. These can be changed or we can do something completely different based on what you want. We can try and give you anything and everything you could need to do what you need to! Just send me a pm on the site or something to let me known if you will do it, and what your terms are. As soon as I receive the message I will put it up for you.

    8. iamaustin
      Hey Archon, It's Austin from The League. Jak, Elan, and I plus a few others have brought back the Apocalypse and are in need of some artists. We have been working on the site day in and out but it's just missing that something extra. If you have the time and your possibly willing to help us out just come on over to [url]http://s1.zetaboards.com/Apocalypse_2/index/[/url] Plz just register for us and I will pm you with the details a.s.a.p. Feel free to bring any other artists who may want to help out! Hopefully I'll see you there.

    9. Walker
      Don't want to waste space in the other thread with off-topic, so:

      On the French: I have a much higher opinion of the French in general after taking a class in military history from 1815-present. WWI was nuts. Won't give the French much credit for brains, but sheer badassery and mass production they had in spades.

      On smoking: Yeah, I know the feeling. Drives me nuts that so many people at my college smoke, especially since Maryland (well, my part of it at least) typically has pretty restrictive laws on public smoking. You can do it inside just about nowhere, but can do it outside.
    10. sfroggy1
      Lol, yeah I thought mite aswell gives u some :D Shame people don't give rep out more actually :P
    11. Nikolai
      So can you do the signature?
    12. Nikolai
      I fixed it
    13. Nikolai
      You there?
    14. sfroggy1
      That's ok m8, I'm just glad u agreed to do it ! :D Ummm as for the lightning it wud defo look best behind the evil guy (hadn't thought of that lol). just put the lightning in so that it is all over though, like ur sig m8 Cheers !
    15. sfroggy1
      How did u get on with that sig m8? Any luck? :D
    16. pPLnOmE
      yo, where u at? im in the game now
    17. fable freak 37
      fable freak 37
      Hey Archon I'm back!
    18. TheJJMax
      I'm glad you agree! :D
    19. Phantom
      Don't worry about the Sig anymore, scored myself a mint one, Hand Drawn, the good old fashioned way!
    20. Shirosaki
      Thank's archon :)
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