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    Modding now that is gone?

    FableTLCMod is back!
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    Yup, I'm going through all of the mod packages people uploaded and everything seems the same, wow this is amazing!
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    Hey everyone, I just had to make this post. Big news! So I uploaded a video of my recent mod Lookout Point Remade and someone asked in the comment section if I've visited FableTLCMods, I said yes but it's been down forever now. He said it's back so I went and it seems to be back, try going on it...
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    Free Games

    Sounds like fun, too bad my pc can't handle it :/
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    New Lookout Point Mod

    Not sure what you mean by that, are you talking about like the stone stairs connected to the oakvale dock? Or are you talking about how I place an object even like the houses and tents?
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    New Lookout Point Mod

    Thanks! :)
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    New Lookout Point Mod

    I just thought I'd make this post to say, I'm working on a small mod that remakes Lookout Point. In this mod I basically just deleted the guild from Lookout Point, and made a very random village where the guild used to be. Just know that the regular guild where you go to upgrade and get quests...
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    William Black = Scythe?

    Wow dude, amazing. Simply amazing. All of that does really make sense. I've just been reading up on a LOT of the Fable lore recently and it's ridiculously interesting. For example the crawler, I found that to be one of the coolest things in the lore. Like how he came to the world from the void...
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    Fable Nostro's Sword And Rusty Iron Sword

    Yeah, Fable sure is one of the best games for modding in my opinion. And it's just so amazing to see crazy mods on such a nostalgic game. There is a mod for using staff's just like whisper with her animations, its a little glitchy but it works pretty good. All you have to do is load the fmp for...
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    Difficulty level

    Fable Anniversary's modding community is terrible, probably not any mods for that. Just a bunch of kids that are completely new to Fable that feel the need to ruin it with TF2 stuff. :l
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    Add Me On Steam :D

    Feel free to add me on Steam, my name should be bioman511. If that name doesn't work let me know. I play Counter Strike Source Cod Bo1 Cod4 Fable TLC Fable Anniversary and a lot more.
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    Lot's of idea's for Fable mods right now, getting right on all of them when i get my pc running...

    Lot's of idea's for Fable mods right now, getting right on all of them when i get my pc running with it's new parts! =D
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    Free Games

    Life is strange is amazing!! i've seen an entire playthrouh of the game and wow!
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    Newb Hello. Happy to be playing

    Fable truly is my favorite RPG game ever made, I've been playing it for years now. It's simply the most entertaining game I've played with an amazing memorable sound track and so much more. Welcome to the Fable community! :D
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    find the bandit seeress : sneak past guards ?

    Just take them out with ebony or master bow