deep silver

  1. Dark Drakan

    Outward (Fantasy RPG)

    I came across this the other day after reading articles by PC Gamer (Fantasy RPG Outward is the survival game I've been looking for) & IGN and thought it looked interesting with slight Fable vibe so thought I would share. It is being developed by Nine Dots (studio of only 10 people) and...
  2. Gikoku

    Shenmue 3 Confirmed AND Funded!

    14 YEARS!! 14 GODDAMN YEARS! FINALLY. SHENMUE ****ING 3. You can laugh, but I actually almost cried when Yu Suzuki walked out on stage and delivered the news for Kickstarter last night, and it didn't even take long for it to happen! This game single-handedly revolutionized the landscape for...