Bringing sexy back: Fable Anniversary released in North America


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Seemingly in celebration of the original Fable's 9-and-a-half-year anniversary, Lionhead Studios have seen fit to unleash the 'remastered' Fable Anniversary unto the Xbox 360, complete with revamped HD visuals, a refined save system and support for achievements.

The reception from critics has been something of a mixed bag, with some raving about the developer's efforts to modernize the title, and others not really digging Lionhead's efforts. And with 2005's Fable: The Lost Chapters still being compatible with the Xbox 360 and extendable through modding on the PC, some of us are still wondering as to whether or not a full-priced re-release was entirely necessary; the definitive version may still be the game we've been enjoying for nigh on a decade.