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Devalion's Fable FAQ

Devalion’s Fable FAQ

Q: What is the combat Multiplier?
A: The combat multiplier is in the top left corner of the screen. Whenever you damage an opponent, your combat multiplier goes up. What does this do, you ask? Why it multiplies the experience you gain! For example, say you get 100 experience from killing a bandit with combat multiplier level 1. At combat multiplier level 5, you get 500 experience. The higher your combat multiplier goes, the more experience you get. Also, if you use an experience potion, the amount (in thousands) of experience you get is equal to your combat multiplier. For example, if you used a potion when your CM was 30, you would get 30k experience for whatever type of experience potion you used.

Q: How can I become good/evil fast?
A: To become evil quickly, kill villagers (especially at the bragging circle), eat crunchy chicks, and sacrifice people at the temple of Skorm. To become good, Eat tofu, donate to the temple of Avo, and kill any monsters you see (bandits/undead/hobbes/etc.).

Q Why is my guy so old?
A: You get older for each level in each ability you acquire.

Q: How can I prevent Scarring?
A: Scarring occurs sometimes when you are damaged. If you want your hero to be pristine and scar-free, have the spell Physical Shield activated at all times before entering combat or attacking exploding barrels. This way, your mana will take the damage and leave your skin shiny and scar-free.

Q: What are the best spells to level up?
A: Physical Shield, Slow Time, Enflame, Summon, Multi-Arrow, Berserk.

Slow time is also a very crucial spell, as it simply lets you get it many more attacks than time would allow.

Enflame is a great attack spell - it doesn't cost much to cast and hits multiple creatures that are surrounding you, and builds your combat multiplier well.

Berserk is great for breaking through blocking opponents (like Thunder, assassins, minions), and increases melee weapon damage by up to 3 times (at max Berserk level).

Physical Shield is probably the best will power available, since it blocks incoming attacks, absorbs some of the damage, and any damage it doesn't absorb drains mana instead of life. It also prevents scarring, so if you like your hero prim, proper, and fresh as a daisy, keep Physical Shield on when you enter combat.

Summon is extremely useful in leveling up will powers. The spell can be spammed (repeatedly casting it many times in a row) for experience equal to 5 multiplied by your combat multiplier. Get a high combat multiplier, spam Summon, and refill your mana with potions for loads of will experience.

Multi-Arrow is a fantastic boss spell. At max level, Multi-Arrow will shoot five arrows at 1/3 (I think) strength at one target. Usually, Multi-Arrow will be wasted on regular enemies, and may strike targets you do not wish to hit (traders, hostages)

Infernal Wrath and Divine Fury are good visual spells, but they take a bit of mana. They are good for minion slaying, as two spells from this branch at max level will take down any minions in its area of effect.

Force Push is kind of nice (and often amusing) since it doesn't cost much to cast, pushes foes and friends away from you, and will increase damage should the afflicted foes hit any hard objects. However, be careful this is an indiscriminate spell, unlike Infernal Wrath, Lightning, Enflame, and Fireball. If you have people following you or villagers nearby, they will be affected. However, if it is your goal to raze everyone in a village, it is a very fun spell to do it with.

Heal Life is a good spell if the people following you are damaged, but it does take a lot of mana to cast. If you are damaged, it is easier to simply use potions.

Multi-Hit is just like Multi-Arrow, except it affects the sword. However, it doesn't last as long, needing to be recast after every blow. But the damage it does is very good with a good weapon. It also acts as a flourish, knocking your opponent down.

Q: What are the best weapons and armor?
A: The answer to this question is quite dependent on how one likes to fight. I will attempt to answer this in a few different sections.

1)Bows – Skorm’s Bow is often thought to be the best bow, and it probably is. This will be the bow you will use for most of the game, as there really is no other bow, even Arkon’s Crossbow, which really outshines it. However, if one adds 3 silver augmentations to a Master Longbow, undead die quickly. Or, if one likes to use the Sword or Will powers more than the bow, add 3 mana augmentations to the Master Longbow for a large mana regeneration rate.

2)Swords – What is the best sword is debatable. Most say it is The Tear of Avo/Sword of Aeons, as they boast the highest attack power of the one handed weapons. However, The Solus Greatsword and the Bereaver are also very good. If one puts a sharpening augmentation into the Solus Greatsword, it will have the highest attack power of any of the swords. The Bereaver comes with 2 augmentation slots free, so it is very customizable.

3)Armor – The best armor, hands down, is the Arkon’s Battle armor. With 1100 defense rating with the whole suit equipped, you are a walking tank. However, one needs 25 silver keys to open the chest in the Necropolis that contains this magnificent suit of armor.

Q: How do I get Skorm’s bow?
A: You must sacrifice around 800 evil points worth of people to the Temple of Skorm in the Darkwood. The best times to sacrifice people are either 12 midnight, or 6am. Save before you sacrifice someone, so you can reload and try again for more points.

Also See Here: Chapel of Skorm Side-quest

Q: How do I get the Sentinus?
A: You must donate to the temple of Avo. The amount depends on how good you are. Evil characters need only donate 33-45k, while good people need to donate around 100k.

Q: How do I pull the sword from the stone?
A: In order to pull the sword from the stone, you must try to pull it out one time. This action makes it so that you can pull it out, if you beef up your physical attributes. From the levels you have gained in your physical growth, you need 5 more physique, 2 more health, and 3 more endurance levels, or all of those at max will work. Once you have met these goals, attempt to pull the sword out again. Walla, it is yours.

Also See Here: Sword In The Stone Side-quest

Q: What is the best way to get experience?
A: This depends upon where you are in the game. First starting out, doing missions and killing monsters will net you some experience. In the Darkwood Cullis Gate section of the forest, when you step off the bridge, or the stairs, the monsters will respawn. Kill them repeatedly for experience. (Depending on what you have leveled up, there will be either small groups of hobbes or a single earth troll)

Once you get a sizable amount of mana potions, you can begin to use the spell Summon to garner loads of will experience. Getting your combat modifier up to around 25 and repeatedly using summon as fast as you can (until the CM is down to 10, where it isn't worth doing anymore) will get you about 25k will experience.

Alternately, if you find a place where rock trolls spawn, you can hold your bow (Skorms bow works the best, but this will also work with an obsidian longbow) for exactly 2 minutes, lock onto the troll, fire, and receive a combat modifier of 60-65. Then spam summon all the way down to a 10 combat modifier for 100k+ will experience.

Skill experience is very easy to get. When first starting out, get a combat modifier of around 6 or 7 and then use a skill potion for 6-7k skill exp. Now, level up in guile so that you are a better merchant. Fable has a very simplistic economy. Low amount of items in stock = high price, high amount of items in stock = low price. In this way, you can buy and sell from a single merchant indefinitely as long as you make a profit. For example, a merchant has 30 health potions at 40 gold per potion. You buy all of these potions. He now wants to buy those same potions for 70 gold per potion. Sell them ALL back to him. Buy them again. Repeat for profit. This works on all items in fable, like diamonds, emeralds, wedding rings, and yes, even augmentations.

Strength experience is a little harder to get up. Since you have a way to get vast amounts of will/skill experience easily, use your general experience to augment your physical experience. Also, use physical experience potions when your combat multiplier is high (see rock troll technique).

Q:I have heard rumors about a Singing Sword and a Sandgoose, are they true?
A: No, these rumors are false. You cannot get the Singing Sword, nor can you meet the Sandgoose. There is no code for them in the game. They are tall tales, nothing more.

Q:What are the differences between Hero Saving and World Saving?
A: Hero Saves can only be done during quests, while World Saves can only be done outside of quests. Hero Saves do not save your spot inside of a quest, they save the stuff you have gained. It saves any money, items, or experience you got. They do not save any legendary weapons or items. Also, after 10-15 times, the save file will corrupt. World Saves save everything. The save all the quests you've accomplished. They save all the items, gold, and experience you've gained, and legendary stuff. World Saving will never corrupt your file. Hero Saving is most often used for exploiting things. As a normal function, it does not serve much use because it only saves stuff and not your place in a quest. The most used exploits using Hero Saves are to get extra Silver Keys, the Arena for gold and experience, and the Temple of Avo Age Reduction.

Q: How do I use the age glitch?
A: The only time this can occur is when you have the gold quest “Finding The Archeologist” activated and you are currently doing it. You must also have a lot of money (1+ million). Save before going into the teleporter (save twice, once on your main file, and once on a different file in case the game becomes corrupted). Now, take the teleporter into Witchwood. Go past the 4 stones to the Temple of Avo. Donate enough money to get the Sentinus (the amount varies, anywhere from 33k – 100k.) Now, donate a single gold piece to receive the youthening. Save the game on your main file. Now, Load the game you just saved. You should be right at the teleporter in the Hero’s Guild. Repeat the process until you are 18 years of age.

Note: some people report having corrupt files if they do this process (called “hero saving”) too much, so always keep a fresh save file.

Q: How many treasure clues are there?
A: There are 6 treasure clues in all.

Treasure clue 5: This is in Orchard Farm, in the left side area. Open the chest
to find the clue.

Treasure clue 2: Finish the "Lost Trader" quest*

Treasure clue 4: Complete the Knothole Glade archery competition

Treasure clue 6: Find at Windmill Hill

Treasure clue 1: Complete the "Bounty Hunt" quest*

*These quests you will find at the Heroes Guild throughout the game

To get the last clue, you need to do the Assassin Attacks quest. After doing the
"White Balverine" and "Break the siege" quests you will be told by the
Guildmaster that assassins are after you. You will find them at Knothole Glade,
Witchwood Cullis Gate (Focus Site, big rock coming out of the ground), Windmill
Hill, the Prison Path, and Hook Coast. Kill them all, and the last one you kill
will drop the Treasure Clue 3.

Q: Where is the treasure once I get all 6 clues?
A: The treasure lies in Orchard Farm, between the barn with the boxes (quest you had to do very early in the game) and a bale of hay in front of it. Go between them and dig to find the treasure. NOTE: If you do not have all 6 clues, you find a worthless treasure.

Q: How do I beat the fist fighter’s gang?
A: The best way to beat them is to fight defensively. Attack first until they block, and then immediately flourish them, and back away. They will get up and slowly come at you. Repeat this process.

That is all for now, if I think of anything else, I will add it.

Links Added - Dark Drakan

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The maximum character limit (15k) has been reached, so I will continue the FAQ here.

Q: Where are all the silver keys?
A: The silver keys are reusable, as in they don’t vanish if you open a chest.

Sliver Key Locations

1. Lookout Point: You will come across some bushes that can be slashed through, break them and you will find the key.

2. Guild Woods: Buy a Rod from Bowerstone and fish in the pond at the guild woods.

3. Orchard Farm: Run to the dead end of the farm and fish on the pier.

4. Fisher Creek: Fish on the north side of the old mans home

5. Fisher Creek: Win second prize in the fishing competition.

6. GreatwoodLake: Run up the hill at the entrance and find a key.

7. Bowersone South: Go to the balcony of the clothing store.

8. Bowerstone South: Donate 25 books to the school

9. DarkwoodLake: Look for a structure with a hole in it and shoot an arrow at it to reveal a key.

10. Ancient Cullis Gate: Fish on the bridge.

11. Oakvale: Go to the Memorial Garden and dig next to the large statue.

12. Oakvale: Win second prize in the chicken competition

13. Twinblade’s Clamp: Dig near the chest around dome flowers.

14. HobbeCave: Go to the focus chamber and dig in the circle of mushrooms

15. Rose Cottage: Dig in the circle of flowers.

16. Grey House: Fish in the pond next to the Demon Door.

17. Knothole Glade: on the south side of the map look between two houses and find a place with dirt surrounded by grass and dig.

18. WitchwoodLake: Dig at the red-looking statue.

19. Withcwood Stones: Fish next to the Demon Door.

20. Windmill Hill: Dig in the circle of flowers next to the windmill.

21. Windmill Hill: Dig in the circle of flowers next the house.

22. Lychfield Graveyard: open a crypt to find one.

23. Lychfield Graveyard: Dig up a grave.

24. Lychfield Graveyard: Fish in a small pond.

25. Cliffside Path: Dig in a ring of mushrooms

26. Headsman’s Hill: fish near the cave where you fight Thunder.

27. Bowerstone Manor: In the Manor at Bowerstone North

28. HookCoast: Steal it from a cabinet at the lighthouse.

29. The LostBay: Dig in the grave at the house

30. Necropolis: Fish in the pond

Also See Here: Silver Keys Side-quest

Q: How do I beat Jack of Blades?
A: The first time you fight Jack, he has two forms of attack. In the beginning he uses a sword to attack you, often sending out hurtful waves of energy. The easiest way to defeat him in this form is to cast Physical Shield, Slow Time, and then cast Berserk. Now, whenever you hit him, you will smash through his blocking sword (he blocks extremely well) and damage him for a good amount. Halfway through the fight, Jack will change attack patterns. Now, he will stay in the center of the room, but he flies, so the sword is useless. Take out your bow, and cast Slow Time and then cast Multi-Arrow. Jack has a couple of very, very damaging attacks in this form. He still sends out waves of energy, but they hurt more, and there are more of them. His second attack drains you of life. Fortunately, if you are armed with Skorm’s Bow, and use Multi-Arrow, all you need to do is hit him 2-3 times to kill him. When he sends out the waves of energy, stand in-between the spaces of the energy bolts, charge up, and let fly. Do this until he is beaten.

The second time you fight Jack, he has a few new tricks up his sleeves. In preparation, when you are outside the Bronze Gate, cast Physical Shield and Multi-Arrow, and then use a potion to get your mana back to full. Now enter the gate. You will enter a large room brimming with lava underneath you (the action gets hot from here on out…sorry, anyways….). Now, when you have control of your character, immediately cast Slow Time and run to the left, up the stairs, and then go midway down the descending stairs. Why, you ask? Good question. Jack has two moves that are completely nullified by this position. One, a diving flame attack, will go right behind you. This attack HURTS…as in, it can completely wipe out your mana if you have your Physical Shield up. Jack’s other attack is a ground stomp, which sends debris out in front of him. The debris will not go up the stairs, so it will not damage you. About midway through the fight, summoners and minions will start to spawn. These honestly aren’t very big threats. Laughably, Jack will do your work for you in getting rid of the summoners, as his flame breath will kill them if they are standing above the staircase you are on. Now, as Jack settles back down after a flight, charge up your bow and wait for a lock on. Fire, and then immediately charge again and fire. There is a certain amount of damage that you can do to him before he must fly around again. Repeat the bow-charge-fire routine two more times and he should die.

Q: Can I do the three other quests besides the Wasp Queen in the beginning?
A: No, it is not possible to do these quests. When you get enough renown, they disappear. The reason those quests are there is to give the player a feel that they are competing against other heroes for quests.

Q: How do I get my hands to glow? And what are those blue tattoos?
A: The blue tattoos are representations of your mastery of will powers. The more powers you learn (and max out), the more sharply the blue runic tattoos will show up. Your character will acquire glowing hands after they use magic very often. Usually it is around 900 or so castings of magic. If you use the Summon spell to get your will experience up, you will get glowing hands very quickly.


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