Lionhead Studios answers fan-submitted questions; hint of Kinect support and 'pet' functionality


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Fable Legends Game Director David Eckelberry, Level Designer David Bridle, Art Director Kelvin Tuite and Executive Producer Geoff Smith get down and dirty answering the fans' many burning questions.




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Very good interview, good questions, good answers.

A very important thing is that they're not making empty promises. Such as with the dogs - he didn't say yes, definitely, there's going to be dogs and they're going to be awesome, no, he just kinda hinted at a nod to dogs and pets as being the very least.

It all looks good on paper/screen, I'm concerned about the execution and dearly hoping it turns out as good or perhaps better than the expectations they're setting. Of worthwhile note is the updates being talked about. I'm wondering if these new heroes and quests will be micro-DLC things or bundled into major DLC or, dare I even hope to dream it, free as actual updates?

Definitely worth keeping tabs on this game to see what happens.


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Funny how most YT comments complain about not customizing your characters, abilities, and Blah blah blah . Lionheads just revealed that you can do all the that. Really...