Miscellaneous Re-textures Thread


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Hello. I was just on Fable Explorer a moment ago and thought that since nobody is really doing, well, anything in the Fable section now, I would create a "Updated now, then or later" thread with a bunch of Re-Textures.

Just to note, they are Re-Textures, so if you plan on using them back up accordingly.
Also, If something isn't working right, or you need some help, I'd be happy to know about it so I can try and help.

Also-To-Note, Unlike a majority of mods, I don't upload my mods to other websites and link to them, I just upload them directly, so sorry for the... Convenience.

Lastly, If you have any requests I should be able to pop something out without much hassle.

So, here is the first of likely many ones I'll be making.

EDIT: Sorry about that anyone who read that a second ago, it didn't upload for some reason?


99% Toxin Free!
Sorry to anyone that cares, but my internet is being extremely (mentally) painful. I can't upload anything because it's going slower than a snail in quicksand.


99% Toxin Free!
Here's a Bright Plate Re-Texture.

It turned out I didn't actually have that armour when I made the Re-Texture since I'd just re-installed, so I had to get up to the arena again.


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Makes me wish I had all my modding tools still.

And Fable TLC installed on my PC.