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My first Pc and thoughts.

Discussion in 'Bowerstone South Tavern' started by Ronok, May 16, 2018.

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  1. Ronok

    Ronok The Axe Platinum Supporter Legendary Hero

    So I'm going to be buying my first gaming Pc here in the next month. I'd like to share my build and thoughts and would like some feedback. This will be a big purchase any advice is welcome. First things first I'm buying a prebuilt custom rig from cyber power pc. I will not be building it from scratch. But I still have a few questions and final touches to resolve. The build in total will cost 3500$. As I write this I'm only about halfway saved, I'll be taking overtime at work to buy this.

    Here is the build I'm going for, for the most part. It will be:
    X99 motherboard
    Intel 10 core i9 chip set
    32g of DDR4 3200 RAM
    Geforce 1080 Ti
    500GB SSD and 6 terabyte HDD
    Windows 10

    Basically I'm going all out on this one, all guts no glory. I know I'll never need that much Ram for gaming but it ended up being quite affordable So I'm selecting the fastest chip set possible, because I can. If there is something I missed just ask. It benchmarks at 156 fps solid and I want it to last several years, upgrading parts when I need to. I had originally made an i5 build, however it quickly rose to 2500 bucks, so I don't mind shelling out that much more for top performance.

    Here are some questions I still have left to hammer out as this is my first pc.
    1.Monitors are the last thing to break, I would like a larger monitor with 4k resolution. I like the new curved screens, any suggestions on monitors, key board and mouse, or headsets would be appreciated. As I haven't the slightest clue.
    2. Just as important are download speeds, my local internet provider is selling 100mgp/s at 40$ is this a good deal or can I get better. I want to be able to download a game in 15 mins right?
    3. My friends rig has 16 fans and six radiators. Mine comes with a standard set and radiator with 800 watts. Do I need extra fans or something like that?
    4. Most important is a good chair and desk! I loathe anything that says gamer or 'Pro'. I like professional looking furniture as this will become my new office space. That being said anyone know of a great place to shop for these??

    That's it for now all that's left is to make the purchase, this is something I've talked about doing for a long time. I'll make a post maybe a month from now and will be sure to post some pics as I will be a very proud man by that time.
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
  2. Dark Drakan

    Dark Drakan Administrator Staff Member Guildmaster Legendary Hero

    Might want to check out my similar thread when I was building my first rig in 10 years as some questions I asked might help you in there. Thats a hell of a rig if your mainly using it for gaming, dont think ive ever seen an SSD that large (bet that was expensive). People do say that it can sometimes be more beneficial to have multiple smaller regular drives as opposed to one large one as speeds of loading can vary depending on how much you have stored on there. Plus losing 6TB of data on a failed drive is harder to replace than having handful of smaller drives. However with a 6GB SSD you would never need to store your games on your standard drive so that shouldnt be much of an issue depending on what the mechanical drive is being used to store.

    That said that processor although amazing might actually be overkill for gaming and wouldnt have too much benefit on its own over a much cheaper one. Though if you plan to do more than game on your PC and are into multitasking etc then you would see more benefit but for gaming alone its like killing a mosquito with a nuke.

    32GB RAM does future proof your rig for a time at least, im running 16GB myself, nice choice of card and wouldnt mind one of those myself.

    I still run everything at 1080p so I cant advise on monitors but its its the response time of a monitor that is one of the most important factors. Will be plenty out there that have 4k capability but if you are gaming you want one with a lower response time and decide which panel type is better for your needs.

    I have a Razer DeathAdder Chroma Mouse & Razer Deathstalker keyboard which I like and have customisable colour configurations and programmable keys and hotkeys etc but again it depends on your needs. Most standard keyboards and mouse work just fine and usually its just down to how they look. I do like wireless devices but for gaming I heard having a corded keyboard and mouse gives you better response time too and less input lag (hence why I went for those). I have a turtle beach headset which ive never had any issues with too.

    Sounds like a good deal to me and depends what services you will be using as speeds can differ depending on download service (Steam/Origin/GoG).

    Most newer parts have decent enough coolers to not need additional cooling to be honest. I have a CPU cooler on my i5 4790k but its stored in a unit so was precaution more than necessity, can download programs which measure your temps so might be something to keep an eye on but if case is well ventilated it shouldnt be something you have to worry too much.
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  3. Ronok

    Ronok The Axe Platinum Supporter Legendary Hero

    Well I was looking at recommended specs for instance Fallout 4 recommends an i7 processor, so my intention is to leap frog with an i9 xeon and be ready for games that come out 5 years down the road. I'm big into Unity and will be trying out other engines to starting on some projects so I'll definatley need to multitask.
    Sorry as I was going off memory, it is infact a 500G SSD with a 6TB HDD. I plan to be using steam library to safe keep all my games I'm not really concerned about their physical location. Mechanical hard drives are cheap I'll probably get another exterior drive, I just saw a 30TB mechanical hard drive going for 10 bucks so won't have to worry to much about space.

    I didn't know that about monitors, really going for 4K capability.

    I'm getting a razor case really love the razor look.
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