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Same as before; I wanted to compare all the object entries all at once without having a thousand windows open, so I made a spreadsheet.


Obligatory boring stuff follows.
What I find both annoying and fascinating is that items, "objects" of all types are all slotted into the same category. They're all defined as the same type of entry. I've never seen that done before. In TES/Fallout games, for example, you would have a breakdown of different types of items: Armor, soul gems, tools, weapons, et cetera, all in their own categories with their own specific types of sensible, logical and relevant entry data. If anything additional is needed, there are keywords, scripts and enchants that can further enhance an item.

What differentiates objects in Fable, what makes them either an armor piece, a weapon, or a lump of dirt, are the ctc and cdef data, which I have again carefully charted here. This can be convenient I suppose, from a design perspective, but for any other purpose it has proven to be most frustrating.

I also discovered why some of my columns were mislabeled last time around. The source has them mislabeled. AnimStep and RenderSize need to be swapped, and have been in this set.

Additionally, should any veteran modders out there stumble across this and think, hey, that's useful but I could make it better, please do. I don't know the best way to present this stuff, so a consult would be nice. At any rate, I've also produced a series of files to aid in this endeavor, to be used with PowerGREP which I highly recommend. They will find the ctc and cdef hex, dec, or strings and replace it with whatever you want, determined by which file you're using. Included in the bunch is one that'll replace the hex for numbers 0-65536 to decimal. These have proven to be quite the timesaver. Later on I'll probably make one to deal with floating points.