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Recent content by §ephiroxa§

  1. §ephiroxa§

    Need help

    Thanks drunkles. Me too. :C
  2. §ephiroxa§

    Need help

    Since I consider most of you on here as my family. I thought I'd try reaching out here as well. My cat recently started getting sick and vets are expensive. I was hoping anyone here might like to chip in. https://www.gofundme.com/baby-girl-needs-help-2vej7u9x
  3. §ephiroxa§

    Your own Legendary Weapon!

    a lot of these programs are outdated, and the creators have moved on to bigger and...I use this word lightly, better things like fable 2/3. If you're using any windows beyond XP you'll have trouble running any of these.
  4. §ephiroxa§

    Why Hello There

    FABLE FREAK! I miss him. I remember how we didn't get along at all at first. but I think he's one of the oldies I miss the most from this forum
  5. §ephiroxa§

    How did you find us?

    a long long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I bought fable TLC, and I did a search for the "singing sword" and all those myths. And I found this forum.
  6. §ephiroxa§

    Happy 10 Years Everyone.

    being sneaky are we?
  7. §ephiroxa§

    The Escapist: Zero Punctuation

    I like how you took over and post these now, since I'm lazy and haven't watched zero punc in aaggesssss..
  8. §ephiroxa§

    *Pokes head in the door*

    don't be afraid, it's just all us old timers here.
  9. §ephiroxa§

    Happy 10 Years Everyone.

    ProjectEgo, will always be home for me.
  10. §ephiroxa§

    Legacy of Kain spin-off Nosgoth cancelled

    Whatever, I was excited to try it and as soon as I did, it crashed, and I was like "that's that I guess" I love the Kain series. Blood omen 2 is one of my favorite re-playable games. But it's really no loss.
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  12. §ephiroxa§

    Some Things never change...

    It definitely seems quiet around here. I demand entertainment.
  13. §ephiroxa§

    Happy Valentine's Day you shlaaags!

    Spent it doing NOTHING.