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    omg ur like the only other girl with a real pic of you as ur prof pic so I requested you. Hope it's alright?
    Hi, I'm just looking at random profiles, trying to make friends.. So.. er.. hi!

    No but seriously I need your help...

    Pickles or no pickles?
    Hey, could you help to some things in fable 2? Only clothes I mean...

    Explorer Outfit
    Ranger Outfit
    Highwayman Outfit
    Bandit Outfit
    Gossamer Head Wrap
    Striped Bandana

    How much would it be?
    hey there, sorry to bother but i see you post alot on the forums, where do i find peoples Xbox live account names? i wanted to either
    A) find someone to play fable with (i fixed my router so i can do co-op)
    B) help that guy who's stuck (the thread I CANT DO ANYTHING)

    i couldnt find his gamer tag thus unable to communicate with him outside of forums :(

    sup dude what time you usually on? id like to trade my hrc for dollcatcher :D
    i also posted saying i need completionist, id trade you potions of life or other pub games books for it if youre interested?
    btw im english too ;D
    hey!!!!!!!!! :)

    any dolls can i buy offering cash

    or buying 2 puny carrots
    yes we will come and remove your av cables mwahaha mabie even chew the ends if we feeling very evil
    :O how did you find it before me! lucky i was smart and have the sherbert of protection to keep me safe from such evil
    ZOMG I has teh LOLIPOP!! O_O
    the lolipop controls all that ever was, and all that will be
    the lolipop controls your mind, the lolipop controls your soul
    the lolipop controls love and death,
    fear and hate.
    Monday or Tuesday(13th 14th) not to sure so just PM me on my account when you can be on
    (Always meet in Bowerstone Market out side Cow 'n' Corset)
    Just remind me how much I need to pay for Wreakager 'n' Maelstorm.
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