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Recent content by Alucard Nightraven

  1. Alucard Nightraven

    Must have XBox Gold Account for Multiplayer?

    You do realize that Sony has already stated that they are going to be charging for PSN soon and about the XBL Gold just pay attention to the Spotlight section on the dashboard, they always have some kind of deal going on for it.
  2. Alucard Nightraven

    black dye?

    It will be in your gift queue in the Sanctuary at a certain point, just keep an eye out for any new gifts that show up
  3. Alucard Nightraven

    Is the 'Games On Demand' version of Fable (1) playable?

    If you really want to enjoy Fable 1, get the Lost Chapters version, the version in Games On Demand is the standard version and I think it costs too much for that one, I got mine used for $8 at a local Pre-Played. I know it can be found on eBay or even online for $20 or less brand new for the...
  4. Alucard Nightraven

    Do we have a firm date for the patch?

    I hope this patch is very soon cuz I started a second playthrough and after I beat Saker it freezes with him on his knees waiting for me to let him live or kill him, this didn't happen the first time I played
  5. Alucard Nightraven

    Wheel of misfortune high score

    yeah the wheel of misfortune was too easy to get the Legendary Weapons, I would have to look at what y high score was, I didn't really pay attention at the time
  6. Alucard Nightraven

    fable 3 inspired me to make this :p

    Well #1 Hot damn your insanely gorgeous and #2 evil all the way and that is a way cool photoshop of you
  7. Alucard Nightraven

    'Pre-Ordering EXCLUSIVE!'<----Not fair!

    If it's a game I eagerly anticipate I preorder it because I want the game and by preordering and paying slowly over time I don't have to drop $60 or more on it the day it comes out, the bonuses or exclusives are a plus for preordering. There is nothing unfair about it
  8. Alucard Nightraven

    Do you use Hero Weapons or Legendary Weapons?

    I use the Shardborne Sword (fully upgraded) and Skorm's Justice rifle (fully upgraded), my hero weapons are too weak and I don't like the way they ended up looking.
  9. Alucard Nightraven

    Please bring menus back...

    I honestly thought there were too many items in Fable II, definitely more than was available in Fable I. I liked having things we mainly needed in Fable III although I would have liked more than 4 weapons in the weapon shops at any given time and thought we needed more hair styles than what was...
  10. Alucard Nightraven

    Who else has them all?

    I don't have the Absolver or Champion but I do have the Inquistor, Shardborne, and Channeler
  11. Alucard Nightraven

    Industrial knight outfit

    I got it and dyed it and I like it, I think it's really cool armor
  12. Alucard Nightraven

    Fable 3 patch expected same time as DLC

    I hope one of the fixes is the glitches that happen in co-op, I don't have very many glitches in my game but when I co-op in my friends I run into major glitches like screen freezing and major lag especially in battles
  13. Alucard Nightraven

    Fable III Patch Details Emerge

    Jasper quit talking for me too and there is major lag when I co-op in my friends game, especially during battles. I know there was one patch already but it needs another one like now
  14. Alucard Nightraven

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Add-ons.

    How's that unfair? It's something extra for those of us that pre-ordered it, they do that with games all the time
  15. Alucard Nightraven

    Differences Between Fable And TLC?

    It's definitely worth getting