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  • Butterfly effect is fun. Kill one person and the whole future changes. So choose decisions wisely. Or Westcliff may still be a rotten dump. Then go back in time and say a few words and you go back and you are like WTF. Like what if I went back in time and Killed Kain. Abel would still be alive and some crazy **** happens.
    Hey what's your Steam name? Under your name it says Madc0wz but it says it's wrong. I believe you put it your name you go by rather than your login name. If I manually add, I have to put in your login name.
    I've no idea where or when I lost it, if I ever do find it or indeed my actual identity you'll be the first to hear from this long lost subject of identification on my ownership.

    Cheers for the concern though.

    But I can't, Giki-chan took a permanent vacation to Walt Disney World!
    Yeah, they're pretty mean. If you can use Armor Lock it can help as can being able to get out of the way quickly using Jet Pack. They can be bypassed for the most part if you can reach a checkpoint or complete the current objective - running like a girl is a very useful strategy ;)
    Hunters only appear about 3 times or less throughout the whole campaign - dance around them and hit them in the back - they're not too fast really and when they charge up their weapons you have plenty of warning to get out of the way. But get them in the back and they die fairly quickly. Use plasma grenades where possible to take off a huge chunk of health too ;)
    They're not too hard, believe it or not. And if I can say that then it must be true :lol:

    For The Winter Contigency level (second mission, straight after the intro sequence) you can avoid a lot of unnecessary hassle by just sticking to the right hand side of the area and bypassing a lot of Covenant. Then when you have the final part, just sit it out inside the bunker and nothing can touch you. Yeah, it's a cop out, but why strain when you don't have to? :p

    You'll get it - and I'll bet it won't take nearly as long as you think or be nearly as hard. There are few hunters, which is good, and only a couple of occasions when the Elites are in full camo and you can't see them. There are frequent checkpoints too so even if you do die, you won't be miles behind when you respawn.

    Try co-op with some of the guys here - you might enjoy it :D
    Yep - complete it with someone who can play :lol:

    I'm a dreadful Halo player - those who have had the misfortune of co-oping with me will attest to my famous hide and be spawn point technique. Basically, I lag behind whilst they do the hard work and provide a safe spot for them to spawn if and when they die.

    Best thing to do is be prepared to die often and make use of cover. Try and get other to play through it with you because the AI is stupid, more often than not. I've never managed a legendary solo run - if I have an achievement for a solo mission it'll be because I ran around the outside and avoided most of the confrontations or had Steve do it for me. Yes, I am that pathetic :lol:
    Very much so. It's damn-near a a guarantee that there will be plenty of complaints; but if it's for the greater good, then I'll still go for it. There will be certain features sacrificed, but there will also be new (and in my opinion - better) features added such as the new trophy rewards system.

    XF will also mean I don't need to worry nearly as much about the server dying when we've got 30,000+ unique visitors bombarding the site every 24 hours.
    Hey GO. If the XF beta doesn't suck then I'll consider migrating over as soon as possible. However, I'll probably just end up waiting until it goes gold. I'm not really considering IPB anymore - I'd love to have a tinker with it but XF, to me, is just looking that little bit better at this point.
    I don't have a 360. I intend to do like a rare few other modders, which is to get the game for the 360, examine the files until the PC version comes out, at which point I'll sell my copy of the 360 version.
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