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  • They discriminate against epic beards at your office? Growing an epic beard is something we should all aspire to do! Your superiors are clearly jealous of your progress! Stick it to 'em where it hurts most - braid that sucker when it gets long enough!
    Don't knock the stubble, man. I haven't had a proper shave in almost three years. I look about 12 when I shave anyway. :p
    Hey GO. Yeah, my profile picture is about three years old; my current avatar-photo was taken earlier today. I've been fancying a change of avatars recently and I've exhausted all of my Shining Force-themes ones so I thought...why not. ^_^

    When are we all going to get a glimpse of the vBulletin code-meister himself? :p
    Alright, thanks, good info. :thumbsup: When do you think the RPing might be starting up again? I'm not in any huge rush to start it, just curious.
    Sounds pretty cool, and somewhat similar to what I used to do. Oh, and I loved the vids. :thumbsup: There are just a few things I'm wondering about...

    1. What era did you guys set the story in? And how did you determine what each storyline would be?

    2. I really like the look of the mods you used in those videos (at least i think the differences I noticed were because of the mods). What exactly do OPJ & JKE do? Do you have a website for them you could link me to?

    3. When we wanted to create a new character with a downloaded model or use a new downloaded map, we used to just download what we wanted and hand them out to all the other RPers. Is that what you guys did too?

    4. Is there a limit to the number of characters you could have? From the way it sounds, I'm guessing it was one character per person.

    5. Would you have been able to create a character that was already a Sith (for example) and just include how he or she came to be a Sith in the character bio? That's sort of what we did, but we also made some characters that didn't have any affiliation with any faction at the time of their creation. I have some examples of this in the character bios I posted on here in the fan fiction section if you want to check them out. They're right here.

    6. Did characters have to be affiliated with a specific faction? Would there have been room for things like independent mercenary characters?
    Haha, yea, I know what you mean. How did you guys usually RP by the way? When I did it, we would create characters for ourselves, and then use them in different scenarios which would usually blossom into a story, but I'm not sure if that was the usual way to do it.
    Oh, well that sounds great, even with some of those people leaving JA behind. I used to get by with only four or five other people to RP with, so that sounds awesome if you could get some of those guys to play again.
    Alright, that's good to hear. The only thing I'm wondering about right now is how many people we would be able to get to join us. There's a possibility I could get a few people, but I really don't know if they would be interested in it anymore.
    Hey man, so about RPing on JA, would you be interested in doing it again? Playing it recently has really made me want to go back to RPing.
    I'm guessing you want to know moar.
    OK, see this (stickied) thread "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Add-ons"?
    Well I didn't write it...
    But I got a Contributor for it.
    I'm afraid that I do not have any XenForo style previews available - or even mock-ups - at this point. I'll be producing skins for the XenForo beta though, which will be available during the first week of October.

    I'm also considering investing in an IPB license for one of my personal websites; I haven't touched IPB since v1.3 and only had a quick glimpse of the IPB 2 trial when it was still available. I really like what I'm seeing at the moment from the Invision team. Are you familiar with IPB at all?
    I'm using WordPress as my CMS of choice but I have programmed a feature-rich framework with which to extend the functionality of WP to fit my needs.

    Sure, I'll PM you the link as soon as it's been published; I'm just revising my questions and writing up a final draft at the moment - it'll only be about 5-6 questions but I want 'em to be good ones.

    Basically - skinning. I believe I recall you linking me to a recent design of yours - a vBulletin style - and I was wondering how you might feel about possible doing something similar with XenForo.

    It's not definite as yet, but I'm considering setting up a system similar to that of ThemeForst whereby authors may submit their work (templates only in this case) and my website would serve to bring in the clients. It's just an idea at the moment, I haven't in any way even began to draft a way of going about this; I'm confident it would be pretty straight forward though, if I were to pursue this idea further down the line.
    Well, the short answer would be...as slow as it could possibly go! Ha. I'm in the process of waiting for the software to be released now. I've built the website, programmed the backend, included the necessary shopping cart bits and pieces, got the AdWords campaign sorted and now...I'm just waiting to get my hands on the software.

    I've managed to wrangle an interview with Mike Sullivan of XenForo, though, which is awesome. I'm in the process of brainstorming which questions would be best to put to him.

    What are you like at designing by the way? If you're looking for work and don't mind getting your hands dirty with some new software, I might be able to put some extra work your way.

    Now that your avatar has changed, I seem incredibly, flamingly homosexual. Well-played sir, well-played.
    Didn't say what? That your avatar was nubile and young? It looks nubile and young to ME. You don't need to say anything to make that so.
    Shame on me? I'm not the one who is doing such a stunning imitation of a vision of nubile young beauty.
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