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Recent content by Arld

  1. Arld

    Peter Molyneux yearns to make Fable 4

    I'm rather skeptical about his statements. Not even sure whether or not the original team still likes him for leaving them ashore when he left for his Kinect stuff. Would love to see it happen, though.
  2. Arld

    Thanks, @Dark Drakan.^^

    Thanks, @Dark Drakan.^^
  3. Arld

    Almost forgot about this place. Glad I haven't. :-)

    Almost forgot about this place. Glad I haven't. :-)
  4. Arld

    Person above you

    ^ Failed to hide his true identity as a Necromancer, possibly risking exposure to Templars.
  5. Arld

    Person above you

    ^ Bumped the revived thread.
  6. Arld


    Welcome back, Queen. Finally! :)
  7. Arld

    Everything looks so different...

    Welcome back Scott; missed you a lot. Great that you decided to show up again. :) Name change here as well (from DataHero, Gakoyu, Graeme, etc. -- too many... can't remember what other names).
  8. Arld

    Hello \o

    I suppose I could contribute to attaining that feeling once more. =) Ever since I joined I loved this place; it hasn't changed. Personally, I felt my life activities kept me way too occupied – especially approaching the graduation. Now that that's over with, I can focus more on community-stuff...
  9. Arld

    Hello \o

    Hello there and welcome. Hailing from 2008 here and also stopping by once in a while, hoping for a new quality Fable release and buddy Scott (Gikoku) to finally return. Hope you'll stick around and have fun.
  10. Arld


  11. Arld

    What does everybody look like?

    Looking good man. You'd definitely fit as a Marduk member. ^_^ And here's me (taken a while ago, though)
  12. Arld


    Admittedly though, the forum in its current state could use some activity, regardless of the age of threads.
  13. Arld

    You will come back and you will enjoy it!!! <3

    You will come back and you will enjoy it!!! <3
  14. Arld

    What does everybody look like?

    Bonsoir. Long time no post in here.