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Recent content by Bloodmoon

  1. Bloodmoon

    fabletlcmod.com is Down....

    It's ok, we still have access to the mods through here; https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzsPD6vANsupYlQ0eV91UnNNb0E&usp=sharing. It's just we need to find the tutorials to the tools
  2. Bloodmoon

    fabletlcmod.com is Down....

    At least we still have access to the files, now we just need to find tutorials for all the tools or write them ourself
  3. Bloodmoon

    Fabletlcmod file dump

    No problem, just thought I'd save some people some time
  4. Bloodmoon

    Fabletlcmod file dump

    So since Fabletlcmod.com seems to be inaccessible I thought I'd share this with the community. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzsPD6vANsupYlQ0eV91UnNNb0E&usp=sharing This seems to be quite a few of the files that were on that website, mods, programs, screenshots.
  5. Bloodmoon

    Shadownet and Fable Explorer error

    From my own research around the internet I've found that some issues can be fixed editing control.xml and using the program Fable setup path editor, which fixes the above issue but nothing in the fable file loads, so I'm guessing it's a registry issue and I can't seem to find any information on...
  6. Bloodmoon

    Shadownet and Fable Explorer error

    ok so I just recently got Fable TLC on PC and wanted to mod it. I found the file dump for all of the files that were on Fabletlcmod.com because that website is unreachable. I try to use Shadownet and it will pop up the banner and after hitting enter a couple of times it will pop up an error box...
  7. Bloodmoon

    Best of The Best Visuals?

    I would also like to know this and where can I find a visual mod since fabletlcmod is gone
  8. Bloodmoon

    summoned swords

    That would be cool
  9. Bloodmoon

    fabletlcmod.com is Down....

    I also cannot get to fabletlcmod but I did find the files
  10. Bloodmoon

    You can be your favourite Rival Hero!

    This will be fun once I get Shadownet working
  11. Bloodmoon

    Fable Explorer problem

    I fixed this issue using Fable Setup Path Editor
  12. Bloodmoon

    [Release] Avo's Longbow

    This looks sooo cool!
  13. Bloodmoon

    Fable Explorer Problem Help Plz

    I can't get Fable Explorer to work either
  14. Bloodmoon

    Your own Legendary Weapon!

    if only I could get fableexplorer to work :(
  15. Bloodmoon

    My Playable Female Hero 'Laurel'

    This is awesome