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Recent content by !Blue Alphabet Soup!

  1. !Blue Alphabet Soup!

    Brightwood Tower! I can see it!

    what got me was that driftwood is to the south of Albion but I think I remember Oakfield was to the west in fable 2. and i just think the position of the spire is wrong.
  2. !Blue Alphabet Soup!

    Fable 3 update does what?

    my entire save profile was lost when I downloaded the update.:'( what's worse is that I was one gnome away for completing the quest "The Gnomes are Evil"
  3. !Blue Alphabet Soup!

    Funny upside of the update?

    i just that you've become so famous that just the the sight of you inspires people, be you good or evil. it ant no glitch.
  4. !Blue Alphabet Soup!

    Can someone help me please

    right i got an answer, what you need to do is look for people in the game who aren't already employed. so your best bet is to find someone like a Beggar or a nobleman. when you look at a person, it shows their title, ignore anyone with the title, Crate Carrier, miner or factory worker. and...
  5. !Blue Alphabet Soup!

    Fable III improvements

    rather than the current morphing system you should unlock parts by completing task that you can then attach to your weapon as you wish so that you don't get stuck with a combination that you hate ( like the Bone hilt).