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Chicken Chaser
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  • Oh the guns caused quite a lot of turmoil indeed.

    I guess I remained neutral since I knew I wasn't going to play the game anyway. Having no 360 kind of makes sure of that.

    But indeed, time really flies. It is strange to think that I've been a member of this forum nearly a quarter of my life. Hah...
    Yeah well I have my ups and downs, but there's still enough action here to keep me interested. Going to have a 5 year projectego anniversary soon (and I see you too, 2 days earlier than me).
    I've been quite fine. And you?
    Wow, I remembered the last time you visited was around the end of 2010. But wow, my last message is 2009. It has really been a long time.
    Mmmm.. too bad. Anyway, nice to see you return. You planning on staying for longer or did you just drop by again.
    i'm selling the red dragon for 2 mil. gamertag=CoreCrippi
    I`ve been very busy lately, it`s my last schoolyear. Reading, drawing, singing, studying, playing volleyball... going to choir camps. Don`t have much free time.
    Oh yeah, did you want me to make only on theme song or several to go with different settings? If the latter, I`m not sure if I could manage it all by myself.
    Fine, I just discovered an older piece of... something I made with FinaleNotepad so it`s cookin`.
    I think we're definitely onto something here! ^_^ Although, as much as I'd like to reward the first 1,000 members with their own unique title button, I think the fact that 1,000 people would be sharing it just wouldn't do it justice. I'd rather narrow down the figures to say 10-20 people at most. Perhaps members who have been with us for over two years and have over 500-1,000 posts?

    I dunno. I'm just spit-ballin'. I like where we're going with this, though!
    Hey CC! Sorry about missing your first message! In regards to your suggestion: I think that sounds like a great idea! The Oracle sounds like a neat title to have, too. Though we'd probably need to make it so that you must meet other criteria to be allowed into the Oracle group, otherwise we'd have tons of people in it and it would make the group less special. Hope that makes sense.

    What would you think about also adding the rule "Must also have X number of posts", as well as be "X" number of days registered? Lemme know what you think.
    It`s harder than I thought and I have quite busy times at school. But... I started something already. I`ll let you know as soon as I get something done.
    I`ll try and making some music. Although it`s hard without a theme. I`d be more than happy to help.
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