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Recent content by CoffeeShopFrank

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    Meet CSF

    To do stuff!
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    Meet CSF

    I made an account here about a month ago, so I guess I'm still a new member. I came to this forum to talk about Fable and have fun. Ask me any question you want, and I'll respond as soon as I can.
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    Length of a day

    I took your advice, and I'm just messing around now. I'm going to buy every property I can before I move on so I can have enough gold to prepare. Again, thanks for the advice!
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    Length of a day

    So if I don't finish everything on my agenda, I can still mess around all I want and get enough money to prepare for the invasion? If that's the case, thanks for telling me, guys! HAPPY FACE.
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    how do you lose weight?

    Stop eating pies and meat and eat apples and celery. Also, there's a sword that causes you to lose weight when you use it, but it requires you to gain weight while you have it equipped before you unlock this effect.
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    Length of a day

    How long does a day in the game last? When I became king, it said I have a year to prepare for the invasion, and I want to make sure I use my time wisely.