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  • Lag Switches can be downloaded to benefit your team. You turn it on and every one in the game lags like f**k, even you. BUT. You don't lag as much. Ever found yourself shooting a guy and him not taking damage to then suddenly found yourself downed? He's either lagging your game or glitching like hell.

    They also have the Always Head Shot lag thing on Gears 1. I was watching a guy blind firing and head shot someone when he shot them in the toe.
    Gears always is. F**king 9 year olds who aren't mature enough to play the game properly use lag switches and hack to always be host.
    I know you probably wont use another one but I got boreeedddd..

    Ah, I see. I think I'll use the Sims 2 Music files and save yourself the bother :lol:

    If there's anything you feel like helping with, go ahead but apart from that.. You don't have to do anything :D
    Sims 3 Music files.

    If you go into your documents > EA Games > Sims 3 > Sound.

    It should have all the music there. From the stereo, etc.
    WW2 Veteran?

    You did say you got 3 but I can't use mine atm..

    If you could some of the Sims 3 music from the files...
    We were going to do Halo 3 but we haven't heard from the owner of the company we were *ahem* "working for". Sims 3 seems like a good option but Shaun hasn't got it and we need to wait for a while since my laptop is only accepting Sims 2 to play and until I get a new one, I can't play the Sims 3 with all that lag.
    My friend is Shaun. He helped me with the Expansion packs. Basically, I bought Apartment Life which is the newest one and he let me borrow all of the previous expansions which I installed then I installed AL and had all the packs he had :). He's handy and is quite smart.

    I suppose you could help with urm...
    I'll get round to you on that one :lol:
    You can compose stuff??

    What do you think of the plotline? It needs work I know but it'll get smoother as it goes along.
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