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  • A comedy.. About a guy called Eric. Basically, he's moved to a new neighbourhood and started afresh. Since it's meant to be funny, A lot of weird stuff happens. For example..
    - His next door neighbour is a gay vampire.
    - He lives across the street from a World War 2 Veteran, a man who wants his mom's fortune and obviously, the guys mom.
    - He also lives up the street from a Hippie who lives in a tree house who objects to the newly built houses and will go out of his way to get rid of them.

    It works from there, really.
    Sorry about that, mate. I probably could have done with making the new link a little more visible. My bad! :p
    I shot a guy with the shotgun point blank 3 times. He shot me once and I died.

    I did exactly the same thing on Gears 1 and blew his head off.
    I got bored and noticed you like Assassins Creed.

    Haha well thats good to hear, So do I. :D

    I'd love to stay and chat, But Im off to the Beach mate. Talk to you later? Chuur.
    You recently replied in "What Rocks and Sucks" or whatever its called, You posted something about Fable III? Well I have information on the "Estimated" Dates it will be coming out, Would you like to see? (I have to find my thread first..)
    Arkham Asylum is the new Batman game. It looks really badass. If you get the PS3 version, you can play as the Joker! o_O
    I only have xbox though so I can't. ><
    I didn't play Prototype yet, I haven't played anything in ages. My brother took the xbox into his room about a month ago and hasn't come out since. ><
    Aw, well I don't hate you so at least one less than everybody hates you. ;D
    Hmm...well Arkham Asylum and Assassin's Creed 2 are coming out soon if you can stand being bored for a couple more months. Prototype is out, I believe, you should give that a shot. I heard it was a lot of fun.
    I'm rather bored as well. I got to go shopping for frilly things today though, so I feel pretty good about that. xD
    How's life treating you?
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