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Recent content by Daemon300

  1. Daemon300


    Ted Timmins Twitter Bug Reporting on the Lionhead Forum
  2. Daemon300

    Predict who will respond (Version 2)

    Surprise! I predict the Hermes is next.
  3. Daemon300

    New Year!

    Happy new year, my good sirs and ladies.
  4. Daemon300

    Last Person To Reply Wins (5)

    Happy New Year from Skyrim!
  5. Daemon300

    Person above you

    ^I just wanted to check how's everyone doing. I'll probably be gone tomorrow.
  6. Daemon300

    Person above you

    ^Will not be my future emperor.
  7. Daemon300

    My old status message was old, so I changed it to this one.

    My old status message was old, so I changed it to this one.
  8. Daemon300

    The three closest objects to your left are your weapons in a zombie outbreak

    Air conditioner HDTV Ezio figurine No, I would never grab Ezio! I would protect him with my life. Mad thread dis is.
  9. Daemon300

    Sig Battle #48 Poll

    I vote for Hermy.
  10. Daemon300

    Pass the buck.

    Hermit is the buck.
  11. Daemon300

    Bioware Shows New Render of N7 Teammate

    The first time I saw that picture I thought it's from Fallout.
  12. Daemon300

    Classify the character above you! (Fantasy Style)

    Edit: Ninja'd. Name: HobbeBrain Age: 5 occupation: Master Chef gender: Male? quest: To cook food and survive.. sidekicks/pets: A fairy he calls Queen of Disco. Species: Hobbe weapon: Saucepan secondary weapon: Spoon morality: Neutral? Skills: **** intelligence. Drinks his own pee, and suddenly...
  13. Daemon300

    Is Fable 3 DLC a problem?

    Fable III's Downloadable Content is stored in "packs"; purchasing any one of the DLC titles of a certain pack will download the whole pack. Any future purchases of DLC from the same pack will "unlock" the content for use. In this way, people who have downloaded the free content from any pack...
  14. Daemon300

    Has there ever been a game you could never beat?

    Strategy games when they get harder in the later levels, for example Dawn of War 40k 1...
  15. Daemon300

    I'm sick and tired of this.