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Recent content by Dentie

  1. Dentie

    6 Years!

    Haha those are some real modern day problems right there. He will have a good taste in games though.
  2. Dentie

    What was/is your most anticipated game of 2019/2020?

    Definitely looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 if it comes close to being as good as the Witcher I'm happy, Death stranding is a game I've had my eyes on for a year or so but I was scared to buy it before I read some reviews and now I'll probably buy it when it gets a discount. The new modern...
  3. Dentie

    6 Years!

    Always blame the lag :)
  4. Dentie

    6 Years!

    When they're old enough you can game together and show them the wonderful game that is Fable haha.
  5. Dentie

    6 Years!

    I'm sorry I was so rude to not even reply to you. Great to hear everything is looking up for you. 2 kids and a job will cut your time to play a game drastically but having kids is a wonderful thing. Hope they're doing great as well.
  6. Dentie

    6 Years!

    How about 2?
  7. Dentie

    6 Years!

    I'm great thanks for asking. Really busy with work lately but thats what happens when you get older I guess, haha. Finally found some free time to play some games again. And how about you? It seems that it's not as busy as it used to be on here, wich makes sense in a way.
  8. Dentie

    6 Years!

    Wow..... It's been 5/6 years since I've been here! Felt like playing the good old Fable The Lost Chapters again and immediately tought about this forum. I'm amazed it still exists! I wonder if anyone still knows who I am haha, I sure do recognise some of the old names. Thats all people just...
  9. Dentie

    I want to tell you all a true story.

    I don't like purple.
  10. Dentie

    Need Serious Help Guys...

    I dont know anything to help you on this but I just want to say that I hope you can help the girl out with her problems
  11. Dentie

    Ever Rage When Gaming?

    Fifa 12... When your defenders decide to take the day off or completely miss the freaking ball when trying to shoot it away.... I've destroyed 2 controllers in the first 2 months of owning the game... and sometimes the ref's and linesman are just stoopid like this;
  12. Dentie

    "Well... This is awkward."

    To be honest i was saying those things too about the girl but I think she didnt hear that. But if she did, she went along with it really well :P
  13. Dentie

    "Well... This is awkward."

    I had it once with a girl when I went out with some friends. She was like really hot so I was talking to my friends about ehr outside of the club we went too. Was describing how she looked and saying she was really hot and stuff. And then my friends pointed and laughed because she was standing...
  14. Dentie

    Skyrim dancing mod - CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!

    Awesomeness. Cheese... For everyone!!
  15. Dentie

    Co-op Terraria

    Whats your steam acc name? I could try and setup a server ;)