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Recent content by DesmondTiny

  1. DesmondTiny

    Why hello there.

    Re: Why hello there. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. :D
  2. DesmondTiny

    whats your favourite magic spell in fable TLC?

    Re: whats your favourite magic spell in fable TLC? Berserk. When I use Melee characters (which is just about every time) I always use Berserk and I can mow down bosses extremely fast.
  3. DesmondTiny

    Why hello there.

    Why hello there. Hello, I'm Matt (IRL) but I just go by Des or whatever on the interwebz. I've played on Fable: TLC on the PC and I'm in love with it, hence why I am currently playing it for the tenth or so time. I stumbled across this site and thought I might join for kicks and giggles. So...