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Recent content by Dracelix

  1. Dracelix

    East Hare Egg problem.

    thanks, the sex thing worked. though i think what was behind the door on clockwork island was a little lame.
  2. Dracelix

    Clockwork island secret chamber

    within the traitors keep there are various skulls, about 7 or 8 i think, and you need to shoot them all to open a door in the pit. with the egg within and a note about a prisoner.
  3. Dracelix

    hey, would you mind fixing up your signature. as its filling up most threads to about double the...

    hey, would you mind fixing up your signature. as its filling up most threads to about double the size length than usual.
  4. Dracelix

    Missing Downloadable Content?

    i think the way to fix the problem is to redownload your content licenses to the xbox you are using. this happened to me with fable 2 because i downloaded the dlc then got a new xbox, and i couldnt use it offline, until i got the content licenses from the first xbox to the new one and it worked...
  5. Dracelix

    Elise got killed...

    that happened to me to, i just quickly re-loaded the game and killed the bandits first.
  6. Dracelix

    Your Outfits

    this was my old outfit and my alter-ego outfit inspired by reaver in my kind of way. the second outfit now uses the chicken gloves aswell as queen boots.
  7. Dracelix

    More thinking..

    yes, but she got the spire at the end of f2, and theres a 50 year gap until f3, so its probably at least 30/40 more years sparrow was alive for that he could have spent towards building an army.
  8. Dracelix

    More thinking..

    but theresa warned sparrow of the threat 50 years before his son. so wouldn't sparrow have been able to amass the gold for an army over 50 years?
  9. Dracelix

    New DLC out today!

    thats what i could call being spoilt. -15 morality for you...
  10. Dracelix

    New DLC out today!

    :O either she plays it aswell. or your spoilt:P
  11. Dracelix

    New DLC out today!

    you payed 160 msp for the walking sound:blink:
  12. Dracelix

    Reaver - Discuss

    and killed our auntie
  13. Dracelix

    Reaver - Discuss

    either the hero killed him, or reaver would kill him, and cool people dont wait...
  14. Dracelix

    Reaver - Discuss

    i love him too, but i preferred his fable 2 character. he had better looks and personality
  15. Dracelix

    DLC Not working?

    it was a gift when i received it. have you tried re-downloading it?