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    I'm still stuck on Fable II playthru #3. Just can't get past the many things I haven't done in the first two go-arounds. I do think that after this 3rd try, I'll move on to Fable III? I also entered the Fable Discord which is kind a slow like here. It just happens when the crowd at D-day moves...
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    Help a guy out

    Gold is easy to get when one buys the training books for the dog, steal, charge 100% to all the Gypsy caravans, sell in Fairfax one's goods, start with purchasing stalls in Bowerstone Market...before one knows it the gold will start coming in. Don't do any main quests until all buildings in...
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    Enter Redecoration Mode Glitch: Default Furniture

    Test to date: I have not completed the first hero quest yet. Currently upgrading in Bowerstone Slums. [Completed possible upgrades]. I am staying away from purchasing housing (except for Miracle Manor for the health regen) in Bowerstone Market for now and still can get luxury furniture (4 star...
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    Accidentally changed gender using the position PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE

    Start another character. It's a faster play-thru the 2nd time around.
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    fable relgion

    Nah...it'll just detract from gaming the fiction out of it.
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    Need Help With Achievements.

    Specifically what?
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    good or evil?

    Both in order to get all the demon doors. It is easier to start off evil in order to get money faster. I just do multiple character games in order to see the differences in choice action in-game.
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    How to create Huge Shortage in Fable 2

    Once I've upgraded and bought everything I could, I'm going to sell it all back and donate every last penny to the temple, then move on to Fable III. They should've built in a game completion and carry over all your stuff and skills so you can zoom through a second game play.
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    Do you think the Hero of Bowerstone is more powerful in the individual Disciplines than the 3 Heroes themselves?

    If each is equitable in their expertise the only way one would win over the other is in tactics (e.g. PC vs. AI). Now each Hero in thier specialty could not beat the PC that is expert in all 3 areas...unless the gamer really stinks at gaming.
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    How does ageing work?

    You can always dye your hair kilowatt white if I remember to make you look old? Also increase your skill to make you keep getting taller.
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    Your Dog's Name!

    I called my dog "Phukr" and here's why: I threw the ball that way ""! Get out of my way ""! Bad ""! Bite 'em you ""! Move ""! Don't let 'em kick you ""! You thought I was going that way ""! That's my dog ""! Run Mother ""! Get out of the water ""! ...and many more I can't think of!
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    Enter Redecoration Mode Glitch: Default Furniture

    I keep ugrading the stove, sink(s) and drawer(s) to luxury, but they keep defaulting to the original furniture. So long as I don't leave the current map or save, the furniture will stay upgraded. I have however noticed that so long as you don't upgrade past average on those pieces, then will...