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Recent content by FiliusMartis

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    The Combatant HELP. **SPOLIER**

    You'll get several spawns of them, and the waves tend to overlap. For instance if you've killed a lot of spire guards, you may start to get commandants, but you must kill ALL the commandants set to spawn before the Necromancer will appear.
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    The Combatant HELP. **SPOLIER**

    Basically, you need to be able to kill ten waves of enemies extremely fast so that you have enough time for the Necromancer to spawn. It can be done alone, but you'll need to be pretty skilled. From my experience, high level slow time spells do affect the clock in the Colosseum, so maybe...
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    Black morph problem?

    My sword has gotten it several times, so I know it's possible. Then again, I tend to go on lupine massacres to upgrade my Wolfsbane.
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    Cant continue storyline!

    Try zoning out into Mistpeak and then re-entering Brightwall.
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    Question: Can I Transfer money and items bwtween characters

    Create another gamer profile on your Xbox to use as a middle man. Using a second controller, enter couch co-op as the hero with all the stuff you want to transfer and the dummy profile. Gift it to that profile, load the receiving hero, and have the dummy profile gift it back.
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    Why is my weapon like this?

    More or less. A different part of the weapon morphs each time you do an upgrade after you open the melee and ranged chests on the Road to Rule. That which affects the morph is chosen from a pool based on what you have done up to that point. Some think the pool is completely random, but my...
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    Why is my weapon like this?

    Unless you used another storage device to keep a backup save, no. Pressing Y should show you the things you did and how each affected your weapon. It may have nothing to do with being good or evil in your case.
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    When you start a new game, does anything carry over?

    As in you start a new game and have all your money and weapons from your other save file? No, it doesn't work that way.
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    Puny Carrot

    It's based on the 'class' of your spouse and the star rating of the house. An aristocrat will never be happy in Oakfield, for instance.
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    How do i read my Dog Training Books?

    You can't just face the dog anymore; you need to press A to 'whistle' and call him to you. If the book doesn't show up on the d-pad when you do that, go into the sanctuary and make sure that your dog isn't already skilled in whatever you're trying to teach him. He may not need that book.
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    Puny Carrot

    Oakfield will probably still have a puny carrot, considering the economy there is one of the most difficult to raise.
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    Where is my kid??!!!

    Check upstairs in the brothel; you can get the key from behind the bar. If your child isn't up there or on the street next to the brothel then he or she was one of the casualties. I'm fairly certain they become regarded as typical child NPCs until readopted.
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    Is my game defective?

    Correct. You will be taken to a room with mannequins of all your saves. Walk up to the one you want and press A to load it.
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    Is my game defective?

    If I'm understanding correctly, you press start and the game begins without letting you choose to continue or load or whatever. This is normal; the system does not work like it did in Fable II where you choose your hero each time. The most recent save game is automatically loaded. You may...
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    Legendary Weapons Morph Via RtR

    You cannot gift the Hero weapons. Also, know that when someone receives a weapon as a gift, it alters itself to match their current level, not including the augments, of course.