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Recent content by FuManChu

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    Possible Fable Info

    The setting is medieval. It starts where Fable 3 left of. The world that Lionhead started is essentially destroyed. Essentially playgrounds fable takes its place.
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    Possible Fable Info

    I took it as there was a location for which you could have some input in how it is developed, rather than a Fallout 4 like “settlement” system. Also I believe the main quest is there, but their are many side quests that can take your attention. That’s how I took the info but I’m not sure how the...
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    Possible Fable Info

    Hello all, Not really sure how relevant this will be but here goes. A friend of mine has a friend who has a relative who is apparently involved some way in development. I have no idea how true it is but I thought I share with you some details that my friend has said he has heard about the new...