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Recent content by GhostlyIcicle

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    Just to give Daniel's comment some credence, for those who haven't seen!
  2. GhostlyIcicle

    There's a distinct lack of Fable in my life.

    There's a distinct lack of Fable in my life.
  3. GhostlyIcicle


    I wouldn't say Fable IV is never coming out. Look at Duke Nukem Forever if you're ever in doubt about whether or not a game will be made; it was in development for about fifteen years (for all the good that did it).
  4. GhostlyIcicle

    Melee Combat Idea

    I wouldn't mind seeing that. As long as it was done in a 'Fable-y' kind of way.
  5. GhostlyIcicle

    Fable announcement incoming?

    I think it's important to remember that Molyneux is gone. Atleast if this remake turns out to be a shambles, it won't have been chalked up to be THE BEST GAME EVER leading up to release. Hoping for the best, reserving excitement for the worst!
  6. GhostlyIcicle

    Fable IV News ?

    Before Molyneux left and the staff shifted around, I'm pretty sure a controller based game was mentioned or atleast hinted to as Drakan said. Don't worry, I'm sure there'll be some news in the new year!
  7. GhostlyIcicle

    Lionhead fed up with fans?

    Even if the forums were shut for that reason, (which Dark Intellect disproved above) personally I wouldn't blame them. The bitching about Fable 3 and Fable: the Journey even here on projectego is enormous. I'll admit that Fable 3 was nothing like what I hoped it would be, but it was still an...
  8. GhostlyIcicle

    Your Not The Last Hero Of Fable 3

    I'd say that was an easy mistake to make, but.. :lol:
  9. GhostlyIcicle

    Your Not The Last Hero Of Fable 3

    Exactly, he's outlived ALOT of people. :lol:
  10. GhostlyIcicle

    Exams >_<

    Exams >_<
  11. GhostlyIcicle

    I Miss Fable

    I think Fable 2 has been my favourite to be honest. I'm too young to have fully appreciated how good Fable was at the time it came out and Fable 3 felt like a completely different setting to me. I much preferred the fantasy feel of the second one over the Steampunk feel of the third.
  12. GhostlyIcicle

    Hero Updating/Leveling/Choosing

    But being able to use all three Hero.. paths.. is what gives Fable a sense of freedom imo. What if you get bored with the path you chose? I do like the idea of being an ordinary Hero for once though. And besides, isn't the reason for using all three abilities that you're descended from the...
  13. GhostlyIcicle

    FABLE 4

    In any case, they'd better fix the map for Fable 4. If the map is that inaccurate in the next installment I will shoot someone. >_<
  14. GhostlyIcicle

    Ben, Page, Sabine, Calin and Reaver

    I'd like to see closure on Garth and Hammer, but I think that's wishful thinking. I didn't really connect so much with the characters in 3. Except Swiftie, he was cool.
  15. GhostlyIcicle

    FABLE 4

    I've never been overly fond of Steampunk to be honest. Or rather, I've never been overly fond of Steampunk in Fable. Knowing that the earlier Fable games had that fantasy, medieval feel to it rather than a Steampunk/Neo-Victorian setting makes me sad (and pretty nostalgic :lol:) that Fable has...