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Guilty Sp4rk
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  • Shhh...

    You've just drank a poison. You shall die soon and she will be mine muahahahahhaaa!11!1!!

    Jokes. Don't worry I have a girlfriend ;d
    Sup? I couldn't help noticing you Kangaroo crossing sign, which lead me to wondering "I wonder if he's Australian?"

    Are you Australian?
    Glad to see it worked :) and if i was you just my opinion ide center your sig pictures looks better :) sorry for the wait btw
    Finished sig here and heres the code aswell :D ( it will never go i will always have photobucket active)

    Yay, so exciting. Now I know I can embed all kinds of sneaky world-domination-securing links in my repping. And now I'm one step closer to destroying you all.
    Thanks for the good rep if you want anything doing for you ( sigs ) ask i would like the practice anyways +rep to you aswell
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