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  • Was a collaborative effort betwenn me and Gikoku, Here ya go. Use it if you please. A lot of effort went into it. Or not, since you have a new siggy. Up to you. ^_^ But we did it anyway
    Hey Sephiroxas, I was wondering whenever you have time and wanting to make another sig i was wondering if you could make me one?
    Im sorry i tried looking up image so it would be easier but i could not find any..
    But i was wondering if you could get like some type of dark guy on a horse with a sword that just went right threw the guys neck and having blood come off the blade?
    Like something that looks like a Nazgul on the horse.. Or something idk. Lol sorry like i said i tried to find it. I would like the background to be either somewhere in the woods or like road to a village or something.. Also, on the left side of the sig, I would like it to say Havik In letters that drip blood.. But to have the letters on top of each other.. And with a font Cunei Light I got that font off of a text generator site.. So.. idk.
    And on the other side for the text to say To End All
    But if its too much let me know Thanks in advance
    Oh i forgot the pic has to be a Gif sorry. i ment the blood moves
    This picture would be alright
    Just have blood on the blade and the text on the left..

    ^^^This was your request ^_^

    A while back. It's in my thread in the graphics request section. I was reviewing old requests, and messaging anyone who asked for one to see if they still wanted it. ^_^
    I think Fable 3 looks like a much improved Fable 2. I don't think it'll attract the attention of those who didn't like Fable in the first place.

    Maybe you should rent it? I personally think it looks to good to pass up.
    Oh yeah just noticed it. Yeah, that's really nice too. I only have Fable for Xbox so modding is like another world to me.

    Are you planning to get Fable 3 for PC?
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