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    Quality over quantity, indeed. But when we have both actual Gods on our sides, it will come down to numbers...
    I went on the f*cking chat as soon as I got your visitor message, and you weren't there :realmad:
    I overestimate my self, when I say I'm not even sure? Then I should suppose you don't overestimate yourself, when you say you will defeat me? And no, those that I find will not bow to you, because you make them Gods... In the almost-true form I have now, I already am a God, and I will make them that too. And then I have numbers, way more than you. So many worlds are already my home, so many people are already on my side, so many of those, are already Gods... I'm not saying I win, but the way I see it, cold hard facts favor me.
    However, I'm not overestimating myself. Neither should you...
    *You forget one thing... I control most of those mortals. You may make them Gods, but they will fight you. Hm, wonder why I told you that... Oh well. Most important thing is:
    You may, on that puny Earth, gather an army of Gods. I, on the other hand, will the the other worlds, and have a more powerful army, WAY more powerful than that of you!
    Well, I can't be sure... But you shouldn't be so overconfident... *
    Your ignorance has betrayed you once again! This body was just a halfgod-shell... Do you really think I would be so stupid to walk around this world, visible to everyone? Hah! Kill me if you want, or I'll do it myself. I will just come back in a more powerful form, and added two more ways to bring myself back from death... You have drained these powers of mine... But they are nothing... I have been patient with you, and just waited for you to finish whatever it was, you wanted o do, but now this?You have just brought yourself into a world of hurt.

    I will unleash my wrath. Make you feel my agony. Make you despair, and fall into misery. I have killed you before, because you didn't deserve to live, and now you have proven that once again. This is this body's last breath. Now you must just wait for... me... to come back, and-

    *Body dissolves into a sortof dark matter; flying shadows, that now make a face in midair*
    take revenge...
    *It disappears into the air, echoing revenge once more, before the time has come in which you will not know when and where he will strike*
    Whatever you say... It will end up in some way that we can't always predict precisely. But I know the end will favor me, so do what you want.

    *Wait, wait. --after Googling-- Are you using Morrowind into this? :p. Oh well, then I might as well do something like that, too...*
    That leaves me wondering... If you really already are a God, how come you haven't taken over the world yet? Well, never mind. I don't need to actually be god. It wouldn't fit my title... But having just those powers to be a fallen, evil halfgod, that still has the powers of gods, is pretty damn cool... But I won't be using those powers too much, as I want to see how it unfolds according to my evil schemes, rather than blatantly telling the people to obey us. I hope you understand what I mean... Nevertheless, I will accept your offer, on this, and thank you as well, for forgiving me.

    Hm, I hadn't anticipated all of this, though. I should alter my three-dimensional Garden Of Forking Paths hologram.
    You seem to have opened your eyes, fellow God-to-be. Very well, then, I will join forces with you. Under one condition, though: Don't talk to me like I'm any less than you. If it's true I killed you many times before, I may just be able to do it again... However, my hatred towards you right now is close to zero, so we can treat each other with respect. I will follow you, if you will follow me. I have my own plans running, that I am willing to share, with such a mighty being, that may make the both of us even more powerful. Come, let us announce this era of our glory and evil, -controlling the world in a good way, but the way we want it- By laughing in the traditional evil manner.

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