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Recent content by Hobbilis

  1. Hobbilis

    Fable (2022) to utilize ForzaTech engine

    As much as people wish to believe UE being superior and more developed, I'm actually glad they moved away from it. It is severely limited for what a Fable game needs. Yes UE is capable of nice graphics, we've all seen it, no doubt about that however this news is definitely a game changer. Also...
  2. Hobbilis

    Fable (2022) to utilize ForzaTech engine

    https://careers.microsoft.com/us/en/job/1039800/Software-Engineer-Turn10-Studios So it's not going to be Unreal Engine after all. Any thoughts on this? Pros/Cons? Posting here for visibility for those who don't use discord.
  3. Hobbilis

    Any features you would like to return in Playground Studios' Fable from the old games?

    Going a bit off-topic here but I just wanted to say I hope next Fable looks at least as good as this game. I wouldn't mind if they borrow some of their mechanics as well
  4. Hobbilis

    Fable 4 officially announced!

    I am so happy to see this. We made it. It took ages, but we made it!
  5. Hobbilis

    Fable 4 leaks and rumors

  6. Hobbilis

    Fable 4 leaks and rumors

    Definitely next gen Xbox + PC. Perhaps Switch? There has to be a connection between Unreal engine 5 and next Fable game launch though. It is rumoured that Playground Games is using UE to build Fable. After seeing the demo of UE5 and hearing that playground games is fiddling with...
  7. Hobbilis

    Fable 4 leaks and rumors

    Ok, so there was no Fable on Inside Xbox event and that sucks. But there is still hope... unfortunately we will have to wait until July. Because... Oh and what did you all think about the games shown?
  8. Hobbilis

    Fable 4 leaks and rumors

    Mark your calendars :)
  9. Hobbilis

    Fable 4 leaks and rumors

  10. Hobbilis

    Fable 4 leaks and rumors

    Xbox May event and a possible Fable reveal
  11. Hobbilis

    Fable 4 or Fable (reboot)?

    New info on next Fable development.
  12. Hobbilis

    Fable 4 or Fable (reboot)?

    New leak on the horizon! Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any mirror of the leaked early reel. As it looks right now, chances are high we will see Fable 4 next week on E3.
  13. Hobbilis

    Fable IV - E3 2019 teaser

    Hey all! It's been a while (as is tradition now) but here we are again with some interesting info regarding upcoming Fable. Someone claiming insider knowledge made a thread on neogaf claiming there will be lots of interesting things happening on this year E3 show. This is what's interesting...
  14. Hobbilis

    Playground Games continues hiring spree for RPG rumored to be Fable

    If 'Fable 4' Is In Development, Don't Expect To Hear About It For "A Long Time" Well... that just makes me sad.
  15. Hobbilis

    Haven't been here in a while...

    Oh wow, that really puts things into perspective.