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Recent content by II Knight-Of-Blades II

  1. II Knight-Of-Blades II

    'Traitor's Keep' DLC

    Ive compleated it and its pretty good, the outfits are ok, and the story is alright. Nothing amazing but if your bored and want 4 more hours of fighting and exploring its worth it. I wouldve liked to see a new town added with shops and new items avalible, because that would add a reason to go...
  2. II Knight-Of-Blades II

    'Traitor's Keep' DLC

    Yess, i took a day of school to play this kinda, (i feel ill but its damn convenient) im downloading as i type ill probraly put a review up too
  3. II Knight-Of-Blades II

    'Traitor's Keep' DLC

    Looks awsome, ive seen a pic of a robot dog lol, ive not even bought Understone yet but ill deffinetly be buying this one.
  4. II Knight-Of-Blades II

    Albion has shrunk

    Your right, just wanted to see if any of the guys on this forum felt the same way.
  5. II Knight-Of-Blades II

    Albion has shrunk

    Ok so F1 was not massive but big enough to enjoy exploring the areas, F2 stepped it up with regions like Brightwood, Bowerlake, and Wraithmarsh all large and fun to explore (ive explored every inch of every region in every Fable game) F2 was a big game. F3 is small in comparison, we were...
  6. II Knight-Of-Blades II

    Fable 4?

    One of the things that made Fable 3 not as good as the others is they tryed to simplify it too much, just to make it more accesible but it stripped it of alot of good things, dont try and simplify a game thats already pretty simple (Fable 1) it just makes it feel like a washed out product, is...
  7. II Knight-Of-Blades II


    Scars in F3 look way worse though, ive got a huge red gash in my Heros stomach just glad its not on his face, i never had anything as bad as that in F2.
  8. II Knight-Of-Blades II

    Good things in Fable 3 (?)

    I loved the large open envrioments, Mistpeak, Shifting Sands, Driftwood (kinda), wish there were more :blink:. The inside of EVERY demon door in the game is EPIC, i was blown away by some in fact...... A minor thing but its a huge deal to me!, how there were soo many tributes to origional...
  9. II Knight-Of-Blades II

    How I feel about Fable III.

    Ok im sorry but you just took this to a whole new level, Fable 3 is a great game, if not as good as 1 and maybe 2, im not a 'blind' fan i can see the flaws and i can also look past them, i found the game the funniest of the 3, and the combat? The best of them all i would say, it does fall very...
  10. II Knight-Of-Blades II

    I think i just fell in love....

    I just downloaded the Industrial Knight outfit and i freckin love it, it makes me look like a freakin beast! its awsome ^_^ What do you guys think ?
  11. II Knight-Of-Blades II

    your weapon set-up

    For my main Hero i use Thunderblade, fully upgraded, and Chickenbane, i used a combo of guns and swords but never magic (exept for Thunderblades upgrade) , when i see enemeys i shoot em and when they get close i slice them to bits ^_^
  12. II Knight-Of-Blades II

    Question On The Armour?

    I would be a little disapointed if they went back to armour ratings, i love being able to wear what i want without missing out on extra bonuses ^_^ The armour is worth buying, i think the female warrior helmet looks cool on a male hero.
  13. II Knight-Of-Blades II

    Your Fable III Opinion:Poll

    I wouldent go as far to say its amazing, but it was decent i was a little disapointed, but overall im still really enjoying it. The bugs are kinda annoying but they can be fixed, plus to me, the side quests ('The Game') ect were the best in a Fable game to date, i want more. And yes i played...
  14. II Knight-Of-Blades II

    Anyone else miss the Augements?

    Another thing i really hate is how all legendary weapons are just variations of the morph system and some of them just look down right stupid!!! I mean Avo's Lamentation (or however you spell it) has no resembelence to Avos Tear whatsoever? Bring back unique legendary weapons, and a weapon...
  15. II Knight-Of-Blades II

    Anyone else miss the Augements?

    Thats what i mean, also you cant put more than one on a weapon, the weapon morphing thing is ok but i dont want to see it in future games, this Augment thing is a reason why....