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Recent content by IMesh

  1. IMesh

    How to report spam emails?

    I have no doubt other people have noticed, spam emails are still being generated, but the problem I have is I don't know how I'm supposed to report them. Is it possible? I figured since the messages don't exist, and most likely the accounts don't either, it wouldn't be possible, but who knows...
  2. IMesh

    Fable for the Xbox 360

    Okay then...? I take it you are somewhat sick of this type of thread. I will agree that there is nothing really wrong with Fable 2 or 3, but to be honest, anyone who played 1/TLC is going to like that style. I mean, they probably spent about 10x the time on that game then they would have 2 or 3...
  3. IMesh

    Skyrim Discussion: Hints, tips, help and service.

    Well you could use the glitch/bug/loop for alchemy, but it'd probably ruin your experience if it's the first time you've played it. If it isn't your first time though, or you just really don't care, I can put it here for you. -My "edited" version of it that is."-
  4. IMesh

    Peter Molyneux's New Game

    I actually forgot that... Let's just hope he's not going to do social experiments with them as well.
  5. IMesh

    Miscellaneous Re-textures Thread

    Here's a Bright Plate Re-Texture. It turned out I didn't actually have that armour when I made the Re-Texture since I'd just re-installed, so I had to get up to the arena again.
  6. IMesh

    Peter Molyneux's New Game

    Molyneux was inducted into the AIAS Hall of Fame in 2004 and was honoured with an OBE in the New Year's Honours list announced on 31 December 2004. I can see it happening for Fable 1 and possibly 2, but seriously, I'm surprised they didn't kick him out afterwards. (Or whatever the equivalent...
  7. IMesh

    Miscellaneous Re-textures Thread

    Sorry to anyone that cares, but my internet is being extremely (mentally) painful. I can't upload anything because it's going slower than a snail in quicksand.
  8. IMesh

    Miscellaneous Re-textures Thread

    Hello. I was just on Fable Explorer a moment ago and thought that since nobody is really doing, well, anything in the Fable section now, I would create a "Updated now, then or later" thread with a bunch of Re-Textures. Just to note, they are Re-Textures, so if you plan on using them back up...
  9. IMesh

    FABLE 4

    I miss the old days when you'd find some plate armour and realise you're set to fight a boss.
  10. IMesh

    Kingdoms of Amalur developers close doors

    It's a shame to see new companies die so quickly, I never actually played this game, but I have the sense it could have been something big.
  11. IMesh


    ^ Has the power to correct spelling mistakes with his mind.
  12. IMesh

    FABLE 4

    Yes, you can see the Lionhead Studio's Logo.
  13. IMesh

    I need money, please help :-/

    Also, I'm not sure if it has been patched, sorry. I don't go online with my console. If you did want to do it, you could always remove whatever patch there may be, then get it back once you've done the glitch.
  14. IMesh

    Cross-Device File Transfer

    Thanks for the help, I'll post on here the results, just in case anyone else wanted to know something like this. EDIT: I'm installing it now... It's definitely going to take a while.
  15. IMesh

    I need money, please help :-/

    I'll put the method up then. 1. Load the game that you want to have the money in. 2. Activate the other controller and bring player two into the game. 3. As Player 1, walk up to Player 2 and press the Left Bumper (LB), this will take you to the gift selection area. 4. Go to the gold bag in the...