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  • To prove someone wrong?

    That's miserable. Why not take you and your gay batmans and stop posting on my profile.

    I've stopped giving a sh*t so.. Whatever.
    Ever realise that there's more Americans than English? So.. Obviously.. It's going to come up with more.

    As I said, I'll stick with my opinion.
    1. Wtf is Circular logic.
    2. Wait. Don't tell me. I don't give a f**k.
    3. I'll stick with my opinion.
    4. 20,500,000 searches for "America Iraq Oil". I'm obviously not the only one who thinks so.
    Just the satisfaction of knowing you're not here to constantly act like a jerk-off.

    Oh wait, i suppose this does affect me, 'cause I remember you started an argument with me about something useless and pathetic not long ago.

    Half of your posts are for the sole purpose of annoying anyone who doesn't have a position of power in the forums and you're like a bug, just here to get on everyones nerves.
    Just curious.

    What do you get out of posting in someones thread just to criticize the way they type?
    Nope. Because my profile on a forum is based on a woman doesn't mean I am a woman. Look at Tsuyu, he is all man. :shifty:
    Um, kind of. It#s a load of wool dreads attached to a little elastic thingy, which you tie around a ponytail or two. Huzzah, you learned something new.
    Thanks, it's all made out of sheep fluff. Which is wool. But sheep fluff sounds better.
    Aah, that clears things up. I wonder if he's gonna be back in the next one (hopefully there will be). He looked rather big =\
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