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  • Unfortunatly not because I just started school and I have a lot of work on my hands. It was more of a summer thing, so I might wanna tell a mod to close it for now. Maybe during the winter holidays.
    Most of the time I'm browsing but when I am posting it's usually all over the place. I do try and update with news in the Gaming Section.
    I'm posting some news for games lately and I've got my own little shop. Check it out in my sig. Request something if you'd like.
    Tempo. I haven't been on my Xbox in a while so I don't know 'til when.

    Ah, well. I'll get over it.
    Thanks. Yeah, but I think that AC needs to be a bit more visible.

    You know... Being the best game, and all...

    No problem, glad I could help. Let me know if you've got any other questions :)
    If you meant the graphics request shop, then go here and make a new thread and tell people what you need in the comment box.
    is that a website because i had a quick look and i cant seem to find it so i dont suppose u could post a URL??
    Maybe if you find a program that could help you edit something you find online. Or you could go to the graphics request shop and ask someone to do it for you by your description.
    Actually it took very long to make my sig. Every assassin in my picture was done by me with chinese ink and then scanned and then photo edited, in which I also put my name in. What I used to put all my paintings together and put my name was Adobe Photoshop 7.0
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