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  • But i like making it up to people, I get that good feeling for doing something nice. Im more of a Giver then a Reciever.. Hahaha! :D
    Hi mate! Long time no speak, it seems! Hope you're doing okay, and that this doesn't seem to out of the blue but I just happened across this post you made. I haven't been especially active recently so I'm not fully up to date with what's been going on, but please know that if there's a problem you can always run it by me or any other staff member.

    I can't really go into details at the moment as it's still an issue that's being reviewed by staff, but I can say that when we get complaints, we do look into 'em. I would really hate for you, or any other member to leave the forum for any reason whatsoever - I really hope this doesn't come across as some kind of "salesman spiele".

    If you'd like to talk about anything, feel free to send me a PM and we can discuss things privately. However, if you'd rather not talk, then that's no trouble. I won't be offended.

    Again: Hope you're doing okay and hopefully I'll hear from you.
    Haha That Actually Reminds Me, I Have A Couple SK Books That Need To Be Taken Back
    Of All Things, The Fine [ which is under 100$ ] Was Sent To Collections. People Have Nothing Better To Do, I Would Much Prefer The Library Police ...
    One Of Mine As Well, Loved Everything Is Eventual. Made Sure My Niece's First Movie Was "The Stand" The Day She Was Born. Corrupted.
    King's CELL, Yes I Am. Good Catch, Not Many Recognize That
    Ooo Sounds good, How many Mods have you made.. ALOT? Or just a Small amount?

    I have a Mac so I can't get Fable on my Computer.. Not that i know of..
    Hey there, I've never really Talked to you before.

    Thought i'd Say Hello and get ta'know ya!

    Im Adam. or Just SCR.
    can u help me out?

    how can i create a .big file? so i can take all my original armor textures and make the suits a mergeable .big for easier way to use backups to restore orignal files.
    Could you do me a massive favour please? I was looking for the mod thread of how to walk instead of jog or run but I cant find it even using search, so if you see it around could you let me know please? Thanks.
    Pwn stands for "Pown" Which is Power Own. ^_^
    Someone in the Fable section, wants to know if you can mod Lady Greys bed? I have no idea, but I believe you would.:)
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