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  • How would you like to take over my Weapon/Armour Request Thread? I stopped modding god knows how long ago, and these requests are still coming in.
    Times are a little hard right now, I understand, but you are one of my first friends here, so I hope you don't mind, if I care. Hey I will be playing it for a very long time .^_^ Just let me know when you do have one.:)
    I don't now if it will go to PC. Last time it was mentioned, Sam said it was baloney that it was. :unsure:
    Hope things are going well for you after the surgeries.

    Get the Xbox for yourself. I suggest at least the pro. I doubt they're going to even start working on a PC version for a while because they'll be focused on DLC.
    Wow. I hope you get through this. Your brave for taking this head on like that. Good luck, and I hope everything turns out okay.
    I am doing ok. I check for messages here but do not look around much so I won't see any spoilers for Fable II. I am trying to decide if I will get an xbox or wait for it to come out for pc, it is hard to wait though.
    Thanks for the well wishes. I am almost over the latest rough patch, I somehow got a staph infection, but the infection and wound are looking better every day. As far as the cancer goes it's a wait and see kinda thing, fortunately the medicine I take makes it grow very slowly , so no new surgery for at least 6 months, and maybe longer.
    i barely know you but from the sounds of it you in some dark times :( Good luck with operations and I guess Everyone likes a LOLCAT.
    hope it all goes well.. oh i feel so sorry for you i hate operations. Oh well one of my mates had a tuma on his hear, and it was possible over time all his brain would come out of his ear in mushy form
    Get well soon Jason. Sorry I couldn't write something more memorable and inspirational but that's it.
    I had 4 operations, will need another eventually, bloodwork show cancer activity. It's just too small to pinpoint so far.
    hi, i'm sorry about your cancer, i have many friends on wheelechairs and cancer. Was the operation (i imagine you had) successfull
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