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Recent content by Kamo1ak

  1. Kamo1ak

    Mod for 1080/1440/4k intro scenes and main menu?

    Is there a way to make the videos that play when you start the game fullscreen and have the main menu be in my desired resolution or would anniversary be the only way for that? I was surprised to not be able to find a mod that does this.
  2. Kamo1ak

    The Hobbe Cave quest

    I was messing around on my new fable playthrough and realized you can marry and bang the old witch lady after the quest ends. It made me wonder where my new grandson ran off to after the quest.. and if there is any lore or info on what happens to him afterwards. Image related...
  3. Kamo1ak

    sacrifices to the chapel of skorm

    I think my friend donated one or two of the three traders for the darkwood quest near morning (when it's right between light and dark on the clock).. not sure if it was just chance though :/
  4. Kamo1ak


    Welcome back!
  5. Kamo1ak


    Glad they are working on it.. A lot of people are having bugs/glitches it seems. I just don't understand why they didn't hold off on releasing it until it was fixed, I'm hearing of many bugs.
  6. Kamo1ak

    Smart glass

    I tried it out and it worked pretty well.. I don't see myself using it often however :P.
  7. Kamo1ak


    I haven't had that problem fortunately, but I have noticed other bugs.. It seems like there is white static at the bottom of my screen at all times for some reason.. (Isn't too bad though) The bandit that talks to you after the arena got stuck on a person and couldn't walk up to talk to me, but...
  8. Kamo1ak

    Anyone else's game freezing?

    I've been playing through the game and I've had it freeze about 4 times now and I just got done with twinblade... Not sure if it's just my Xbox or the game itself.. (I have the downloaded version xbl) EDIT: Did a little searching and found a thread on lionhead forums about this issue...
  9. Kamo1ak

    Which NPC outfit do you most look forward to?

    I'm probably looking forward to Maze's outfit the most.. I love playing as will users in this game, so it's only natural I'd choose that :P. I do wish they would have changed it slightly though.. (colors or something.) EDIT: Didn't realize they would make you pay like 10 bucks for these...
  10. Kamo1ak

    The Wolf Among Us Review Roundup

    Nice, thanks for the update. I loved Telltales The Walking Dead game so maybe I'd enjoy this one as well.. I was considering getting it a week or so ago but I'm still not sure yet.. Low on money so I have to make the games I get count.
  11. Kamo1ak

    Original music?

    Awesome! Thanks for going through all the trouble of asking and posting the picture. I was a little worried when I saw they were changing all the UI and stuff because I still want it to feel like the original Fable. Can't wait for the game :).
  12. Kamo1ak

    Original music?

    Hey, I did some searching around but I couldn't find out if they were going to keep the same music from TLC or if they were going to have different music... The reason I ask is I feel that the music in Fable: TLC was amazing and helped make the game great. The music might have been good in the...
  13. Kamo1ak

    First playthrough, Good or bad?

    I usually like going the good route better.. I'll probably end up making a spellwarrior good guy for my first play through... However, sometimes I like to mix it up with a skywalker moment and switch at the end (aeons or jack's mask).
  14. Kamo1ak

    The Breaking Point?

    Welcome back Kave! I was really hoping that after the disaster of Fable 3 that they would try and bring it back to it's roots... It seems they are taking a different approach though. If this one sucks at least we know Fable Anniversary will be good :P.