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  • Keaton long time no talk, nothing much. Except well theres this game called Fable III coming out, not sure if you have heard about it?
    Sorry about hasty snatched responses - our boiler just broke down and I'm so annoyed today it's unbelievable. Been enjoying calling banned members names instead...

    Yeah, my account is projectangel - once Steve's Elite arrives (please today!!!) I get my own 360 back so I can look into getting Gold so I can co-op with people too - I just LOVE this game it's insane. I was playing it til 2am today (largely because it took my mind off how damn cold it is in this house right now without heating and hot water!)

    EEEEEEEEP! (random eep - helps enormously)
    Thanks a lot, my parents have just got back from there and had an awesome time so looking forward to it now.
    I stole her and married her myself hoping this in some twisted way would annoy the Ghost. :lol:

    Just preordered Fallout 3 too... damn so much gaming to do and so little time. Off to Vegas Sunday too so not that much time to game this weekend. :lol:
    Yeah and as i had lots of questions to answer an such i thought i better get cracking on playing it myself. :lol:

    Yeah ive enjoyed it so far, little annoyed when it crashed the other day but over all ive been pleased.
    Aw thanks! Soon as I have gold I'll be online trying to make sense of it all...I'm so bad at this game but I love it!!!
    He works there and isnt excited about anything....? Thats blasphemy and he needs to be replaced sharpish, many gamers would love a job in a game store and hes there abusing his privilege. :O
    Yeah his posts get more crude by the day and he can be flat-out insulting and disrespectful most the time.

    Yeah ive played Fable 2 for about 10 hours so far and cousin and I played some co-op yesterday. Only briefly played Far Cry 2 for about 25mins so far but its looking good too.
    Yeah just read that in one of his threads, no worries he can think what he wishes. Told him before if he keeps breaking rules he will be punished so if he doesnt want to be punished then dont break rules, its simple.

    Im good thanks, my copy arrived along with my copy of Far Cry 2 fine. ^_^
    I know right? I'm just stunned at the graphical aspects alone. :D

    My to-do list today is as follows:
    -Find the rest of the Assassin outfit.
    -Get a better sword...As opossed to my Master Longsword.
    -Get a SECOND wife. (Killed my first, for giggles.) :lol:
    -More questing!

    Tis massive indeed, I'm thankful for that golden breadcrumb trail thing, it stops me getting lost. :p

    Eh, I'm not so bad myself, enjoying life and so on, and you Mr. Keaton?
    Evening Mr Keaton!

    And how are we this fine day? ^_^
    Yay! A fellow Zelda fan! *hi fives*
    I probably prefer Navi, just to laugh at her. Once she started really bugging me so I threatened to put her in a bottle, put the bottle in one of my iron boots and throw it into lake hylia XD I think it worked. Coincidence or...dun dun dun >.> <.< >.>

    ...Yeah I know I'm weird.
    hmmm but then the DS will be cheape :D. Or maybe the lite and DS will be the same price they do lots of stuff like that.
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