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Recent content by Keshire

  1. Keshire

    Prec's Need Help thread.

    I had someone track me down on reddit to ask me some questions a couple days ago. So flipped through my fable bookmarks to see what was going on. I'm not going to be much help on the save game stuff. I've never messed with it. Even my general fable knowledge is kinda fuzzy. I'd end up having to...
  2. Keshire

    Prec's Need Help thread.

    Hey now! I've never removed anything purposefully. And I do still bounce around to see if anything interesting is going on. But it's been years since I've messed around with Fable.
  3. Keshire

    PC Version now has Modding Support

    As far as assets go it's pretty limited. You can REPLACE meshes and textures. I haven't tested what happens if you go messing with the level meshes yet. But they are still connected to the .lev files in some way. There's a caveat to the meshes that nobody has really commented on other than me...
  4. Keshire

    PC version heroic mode Let's Play

    I started this while the hard mode was still in testing. So there are some extra rage worthy sections I had to go through. :D https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7QzWUW67CBoKpd4FbhMQhc_kDwFMBe7U
  5. Keshire

    History Simulator *WIP Prototype*

    I've done a bit of work on this. Blogwise it's spread all over the place. Some here, some on facebook, reddit, the unity forums etc etc. I should really dedicate a place. :D I've caught up and surpassed where I was at before I lost it all to a drive failure a while back. I'm also storing it on...
  6. Keshire

    New to Modding Fable?

    It's been known to go down for a bit. It's probably Pe_Ell doing maintenance or some other outage. It's back up now though.
  7. Keshire

    History Simulator *WIP Prototype*

    Same seed. Got noisy edges implemented. Kinda. I'm getting a lot of crashes because putting noise on the edges turns a lot of the polygons from convex to concave and the coloring function can't handle it very well. I'm also seeing more noise along the corners than along the middle of the edges...
  8. Keshire

    History Simulator *WIP Prototype*

    Fixed some rendering, fixed the bad seed. It can still hang if I try and push more than 5K points though. It gets stuck on the algo that tries to find all points in a triangle. I use that for filling in the color since this is drawn straight onto a texture in the engine. I also fixed a typo...
  9. Keshire

    History Simulator *WIP Prototype*

    A while back I got into a conversation on what I was currently working on. http://fablehero.com/threads/fable-rebalance-discussion.32145/#post-520128 Part of it was the fact that I lost of bunch of code I was using for map generation. I've started rewriting it and felt like showing where I was...
  10. Keshire

    I need help

    Meh, It's just a movie file. Create an empty one. I was thinking of spending the 2 dollars to pick TLC up from steam to avoid these issues. :D
  11. Keshire

    So my kids asked me to make them a game.

    The google drive version is html and just uses the arrow keys. :P
  12. Keshire

    So my kids asked me to make them a game.

    I have a lot of projects I work on, on and off, but I can't say no to them. My oldest at 9 wants to be a game developer when he grows up. So I keep reminding him that math and logic is important. He's VERY detail orientated. On the opposite spectrum, my Middle child at 6 is all ideas and head in...
  13. Keshire


    I will storm the offices and personally shred their story boards if they go that direction.
  14. Keshire

    Importance of lore.

    "Armor Mechanics" lol.
  15. Keshire

    Importance of lore.

    The fable lore and setting is all over the place. And much of it doesn't make any attempt to smoothly fit itself into the overall setting. The most glaring issue is magic. It exists only for the player. Other than that there's never any talk of it, and it's only used as a game device to make...