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  • my favourite character out of all 3 fables is the last boss Jack of blades, I think he is pure cool
    hi so what fables do you have I've got em all and what's your favourite character?
    Kuld von Reyn

    I have all three main games, as well as the novel, if that counts. My favourite character in the whole series is Jack of Blades. For each individual game:
    Fable 1: Jack of Blades
    Fable 2: Reaver
    Fable 3: Reaver

    By the way, you mentioned in one of the threads that you disliked the Fable 3 co-op achievements? Assuming you have Live, want to get them together sometime?
    i need the
    skorm justice
    thunder blade
    Kuld von Reyn
    Yeah, I have a spare Skorm's Justice you can have. When do you want to make the trade? I'm afraid I won't have time until Monday myself.
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