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Recent content by Kuld von Reyn

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    The Dilution of our Heros

    The Hypnotoad of Hook Coast is a retainer of Logan. Daemon Doors=TARDIS, and since the TARDIS is a time machine, so are Daemon Doors. Can't argue against such amazing logic. Seriously though, the second paragraph in my previous post was intended as a joke. I should probably add that my answers...
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    The Dilution of our Heros

    I can't help but wonder if the decline of magic, like in Arcanum, stems from the rise of technology. Perhaps the reliance on machines and science stunts the growth of magic? We may have learned to combine spells in Fable 3, but we rely on gauntlets to channel our magical power, while Hobbe mages...
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    Crystalline Hammers

    To add to what Necromancer said, I'll quote a section of the Hero Weapon page on the Fable wiki:
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    Fable III SIgh (Spoiler alert)

    Let's not forget that being terrified of someone in Fable 3 equals shouting "BOO HISS!" and giving the hated/feared person presents. They have some odd customs in Albion and Aurora. I just realized something else. In the final chapter of the game, one life is saved per coin. How could Logan...
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    What did you name your hero weapons? (If anything)

    I haven't named very many of my weapons, but I named the warhammer of my evil character "Hugs and Kisses".
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    Fable III SIgh (Spoiler alert)

    ^ Theory: Logan sold all the now missing cities to Reaver. Reaver had them dismantled to build a Rapeatorium. After all, your majesty, what good have cities ever done the kingdom?
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    The Logan Decision

    Not that I disagree, but he was going to slaughter the innocent protesters anyway, wasn't he? Heck, you may even have saved a lot of lives regardless of your choice, since his original plan seems to have consisted of "Fire at the protesting mass until it disappears." Also, while it was never...
  8. K

    Fable 3 Unique Weapons Market

    The Barnumificator it is. What's your gamertag?
  9. K

    Sandgoose Question

    Yes, relationship quests do indeed count as quests for items requiring you to do quests to level them up. Heck, relationship quests are probably better for this than regular quests, since one of the other augments can be unlocked by making friends.
  10. K

    Legendary weapons for trade

    Splendiferous! I'll probably be on most of the day, but since you're roughly six hours behind me, we may still end up missing each other, I'm afraid. Still, I'll add you when I get online later today. Edit: Seems like you got your gamertag wrong. Live claims that it doesn't exist.
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    Legendary weapons for trade

    How does Skorm's Justice for Simmon's Shotgun sound?
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    Character Portrait Guide

    Not sure if this is relevant information, but there are at least two different Reaver portraits available, both prizes in Reaver's Wheel of Misfortune. Also, provided you have the Understone DLC, you can get the Saker portrait as a prize in the Shooting Range. Not sure what score you need...
  13. K

    Fable 3 Unique Weapons Market

    @NorthernAvengeR: I am in need of the Desert Fury, and I am willing to trade the Facemelter, the Barnumificator or both to get it.
  14. K

    Fable III SIgh (Spoiler alert)

    You can get the "We Need Guns, Lots of Guns" achievement by yourself too, provided you have two controllers.
  15. K

    NPC Children -- How do I collect their Guild Seals?

    If you can't interact with them the usual way, then you can't interact with them at all. Which NPC children are you having problems interacting with? I know that most of the child labourers in Bowerstone Industrial can't be interacted with, but I can't recall having run into the problem elsewhere.