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  • Only people who don't have a clue would do that.

    Look at the situation more carefully. The error happens after he has clicked save mods. So that is where the fault lies. Now what would cause it to happen at that point?
    Ok. Role playing time:

    Hey guys, I have a problem with Fable Explorer not running correctly. I do everything correctly, but none of my mods save. When I press "Save Mods and Run Fable", an error pops up after with a long string of text. How do I fix this error?

    My point: You can't search for the answer when most people are so vague!

    Try and answer my question.
    Well, people always go to modders for help.

    Now you have the modder tag, people will ask for YOUR help. How are you going to answer?
    Of course one thing doesn't make you a modder! If you mod one thing, you modded the game. If you know the gamefiles work, and can pretty much do anything possible in the gamefiles to a good extent, you then are a modder.
    You've also posted about 6 HALP HALP HALP threads. Doing one thing doesn't make you a Fable Modder.
    It's one tutorial thats more than likely been done before. And of course I can't expect you to be pro straight away, but you shouldn't have the modder tag before you know how to mod properly. I've been modding for over a year, wheras you joined 5 days ago.
    The modder tag means you mod fable and post mods (I am working on 3 massive projects, so don't get on at me about not posting any mods), and help those who want to mod. Which of those have you done to deserve the modder tag?
    Ok, link me to some mods.

    The only threads I ever see from you are ones saying you're getting errors and asking for help.
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