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  • I never said the UK was a third world country, and I never said anything about Somolia. Okay, you got attacked once, and you got 56 dead and 700 injured. 9/11 and the USS Cole combined is 3,036 dead and 6,330 injured. And I'm aware of other attacks around the world, why do you think I said "The world plays foul not just a few people". Sorry for my attitude towards you and others. Trust me, I don't have anything against the UK, never did, I just got very angry.
    What do you mean this is for me? I think that AC kicked ass and I don't find it boring. Maybe it's not a type of game you like...

    is that alright?
    The little hands on their faces!
    That's always a good philosophy. I seldom go along with what my peers say I should do, that's just ridiculous. Most people are idiots, really. I trust that my own judgment is more sound than theirs and hey it's gotten me this far so I can't ask for much more.
    It may just be the the people I associate with that classify as such. Most of my peers around here are more into the pop music scene and find the theatre to merely be an annoyance. It's ironic considering that I live in New York and have constant access to Broadway.
    Well the whole sacrificing the youth of unsuspecting passerby to the ominous Shadow Court seems to have worked very well thus far so I'll keep at it until something better comes along. ;D
    I'm basically just learning how to play at this point so the majority of what I play is basic melodies and whatnot. I want to be able to play tunes from Broadway, though. That's my loserish little goal.
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