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Recent content by Matt_352

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    Just picked up Fable 2 and 3 (Never played the series)

    Fable 3 is an ok game but it could have been done better, Fable 2 is fantastic, I havent played Fable or Fable TLC
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    Most Evil Thing You've Ever Done

    nice one
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    good or evil?

    fair enough :p
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    good or evil?

    What you should do is hand over the key, get the money, kill the bandit, unlock the cage then kill the villagers :p
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    Sandgoose Rifle

    thanks cloakd draggon
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    Sandgoose Rifle

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    What is actually the strongest sword and gun

    what are they cause id like to know
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    My various rants about Fable III

    * First of all from playing Fable III, Lionhead has OBVIOUSLY rushed in their making of this game, and quite frankly that is ****ing sad because they really could have made it sooo much better. * Please, Please, Please STOP turning Fable into an action-adventure game and bring it back to being a...
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    kinky ..... ROFL
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    Fable III is...

    compare the gaps between F1 and F2 to F2 and F3, I suggest they spend a lot longer then they did on F3 cause it is not a great game
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    How long do you think Lionhead should wait to release Fable 4?

    I don't care if I have to wait 4 years + I want Lionhead to get Fable right for once
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    New Article on IGN

    Im still a Fable fan, but Fable 3 was a big let down and im hoping tha they will rectify the series problems for 4 and 5.
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    My thoughts on Fable 3

    I fkn miss the old menus from F2 bring them back for 4 and 5 and lose this sanctuary, and everything being in 3d it's crap. Repairing houses is bullcrap as well. Main storyline is far too short and far too fast paced especially the second half of the game. Aurora was meh. also that road to rule...