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Recent content by Michael0100101

  1. Michael0100101

    How many of you join games and proceed to murder everyone in sight?

    This is why I have my orb thing set to friends only, and even then I have to accept them into my game. While I personally dont go into random peoples worlds killing everyone, a few times I've taken all the clothes off my character, save a man or woman's masquerade hat, maybe some chicken feet...
  2. Michael0100101

    Trading swinging sword for legendaries

    I might trade for the swinging sword. Although you cannot trade dlc content, including the inquisitor chenneler and crystal tattoo set.
  3. Michael0100101

    50 Weapon Achievement

    I'm not sure how this achievement works. I originally thought you had to have all 50 of the weapons in your inventory at one time, but I'm starting to think thats not the case. Can you get the achievement by simply having all the weapons at some point. For example, say I have 25 weapons, and...
  4. Michael0100101

    Need a female character

    To get the multilayer achievements, as well as the one demon door. My gamertag is Michael0100101
  5. Michael0100101

    Microsoft Points

    I want to get some of that new stuff, like the dye, but I don't feel like buying 20 dollards worth of microsoft points. I've heard there are 800 point cards but I cant find a store that carries them. Does anyone know of any American stores that have them?
  6. Michael0100101

    New Armor/dye

    In the sanctuary shop this morning there was a new set of armor, I forget what it was specifically called, and another dye set. Does anyone have these yet, could you post screen shots? Specifically the armor, and the black dye on some clothing.
  7. Michael0100101

    Who's Trustworthy

    Sketch21 is trustworthy. Not sure if hes from this site. I actually was going into random peoples worlds, naked, with long hair and a beard, and a crown.
  8. Michael0100101


    So I just got an update for the game. I was wondering what all the update fixed. Jasper still is ignoring me.
  9. Michael0100101

    how do I change spell gauntlets?

    Once you open a magic chest you have that gauntlet. Go to your sanctuary, then your armory, and they are on the wall right in front of you. If you want to wear ice, walk up to it, press a, then press a again to wear. If you haven't opened the spell weaving chest you cannot equip more than one...
  10. Michael0100101

    How do U get to top region

    Thats the sunset house. You get to it in mourningwood. in between the fort, and the hippy settlement. Just walk along the northern edge of the trenches
  11. Michael0100101

    Clothing Achievement

    Do the dlc clothes (dog suit, aurorian robes) count towards the achievement for having all the clothes. Also, if I'm currently on a male playthrough, is there any way to get the female masquerade suit, and the queen suit, in my current game, or do I need to get them by trading?
  12. Michael0100101

    DLC weapon question

    Is there any way to trade my inquisitor sword with someone? I think I heard you need to actually trade the code. Also, are people with the shardborne sword able to trade that?
  13. Michael0100101

    Need a Cook's Hat or Queen Suit?

    I got a chefs hat. Send me a message on live and we can discuss a trade. GT: Michael0100101
  14. Michael0100101

    Fable 3 Geography?

    Bowerstone of course has some similarities. I think a major aspect of the new fable world is its transformed, they want you to feel like its totally changed.
  15. Michael0100101

    So, What DLC do we want to see. *Probably Spoilers*

    Better yet a miniture balverine for a dog. You could have some quest to get it. He could rip the heads off of weaker enemies, and scare the **** out of people.