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  • Ah, you'd like to know, huh? :p
    Well, it will all be clear in the end... In the meantime, you can look at Hermit's page, I showed him some stuff that's part of my amazing scheme... They're just small random fractions of it, though.
    Waddup, C! xD
    Uhm, life's... 'kay. :p Homework sucks, of course. >_> Oh well, I still want to become a physics teacher, so I'll have to deal with it. =|
    And yes, of course I'm still excited for Fabl3! (Saw what I did there? xD )
    Can't... wait... o_O'
    But we got Halo: Reach, now. So in the meantime I can do some awesome forging. ^_^

    Also, I really want my laptop, now... Everyone always wants the computer. -_-''
    Buuut, I guess I should be lucky they're not 24/7. :p Which does suck for you. =(

    Well, thanks for stopping by, though. ^_^ You haven't missed very much. Some stupidity here and there. xD. And I told some people about my major EVIL PLAN. :ninja:
    Don't worry, they won't be able to ruin it. ;)

    Yea i agree. Magic is Fable 1 ACTUALLY meant something. Fable 2 sucks with magic I wanna be able to move around and wreck havoc with lvl 5 spells instantly now charging them and getting hit no? maybe its just me but its annoying considering the fact that LH regressed in that aspect.
    Apparently Steve (Projectego) created the new chat, Soo, not in that one. But we can get on Chatango, if you want to talk in private. =D
    NEver has been 'top' priority. But it's somewhat up there in my list of things to do in life. :p Buuut, I thought people should I'm an evil demigod. Not one that ''serves Zeus''.
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