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  • Fornicating magnets, how do they work?
    And I don't wanna talk to a scientist, y'all mother*lolcensor*s lyin, an' gettin' me ****ED *Angry fais*
    Cheers mate. Yeah, t'was a pretty cool day. I couldn't move for friggin' games cluttering my house but made for a good day nonetheless.

    I know what you mean about the forums there, mate. I get pretty burned out myself sometimes and don't really feel the incentive to sign on. Still, how's life treatin' ya?
    I am not -.-
    Sweetie? This hole thing started because I didn't know how to spell posse and I apologized for that. If you had asked me politely from the start, I don't know if you were having a bad day or something, then I would have agreed not to spell the way I usually do. And why shouldn't I thank Dark Drakan if he responded to my report? Sweetie.
    I know that but it had been reported so i had to follow it up. Was rather mild compared to what im used to seeing and i didnt take any action just offering a friendly word.
    It annoys me too but no need to openly insult them over it. A nudge in the right direction and some guidance and suggest they type properly so people can understand their posts more is better idea. Also suggest that it helps the forums as search engines can find the posts easier.
    Maybe so but everyone has to start somewhere and its quite obvious that hes fairly young and new to forums. Id rather welcome people into a friendly forum than try to 'toughen them up' in preparation for scum dwelling places like 4chan.
    Still not very nice and even if it was slightly in jest it could be taken offensively if they are easily offended.
    Well then don't read my posts because I couldn't care less whether you like the way I spell or not. I also do it to try to type faster so I don't get ninjad
    could you give me another example? because i mostly talk msn like ''u'' instead of ''you'' because it's faster. or ''cuz'' instead of ''because''
    I never heard that word till I saw the video and the vid doesn't teach how to spell it. i never knew someone could be so mad, do u hate the word it (non-intentionally) sounds like, is that y?

    lol i like ur sig btw
    Once again another funny image "Everybody Loves Raysaquar"

    Where do you get all these images from
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